Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Review: Pacific West Tempura Fish Fillets

Let's do a product review today. This Pacific West Tempura Fish Fillets was introduced to me by Yozora. I bought one box (about RM15 thereabout if I'm not wrong) and kept in my freezer for some time before cooking them over the weekend. I didn't go to the market and was sort of ran outta fresh food, save for a couple of yellow capsicums and half a head of iceberg lettuce. Thank goodness for the convenience of having frozen food around!

Pacific Tempura Fish Fillets Box

I shallow fried the fillets straight out of the freezer as stated instead of deep frying them. Lucky my experience had told me that these frozen stuff will cause hot oil to splatter all over as it cooks. Well, I manage to contain the splatters with a lid over my pan hahaha... phew, otherwise cleaning up will be difficult let alone getting burn marks all over my arms! Easy peasy...

Back in my head, I decided to make a super simple pasta salad to go with the fish fillets. I made these before frying up the fish so that they can be served chilled. I diced up the yellow capsicum and tear iceberg lettuce into small pieces. Cooked some elbow shaped pasta, drain them and dumped them into cold water to prevent them to cook further.

Next, I found a pack of edamame the same time in the freezer and decided to make use of them. Cook them according to the instructions then I removed the beans from the pods and dump them into cold water for the same reason with the pasta. Whilst I was doing this, my boiboi came and kaypoh asking me what I was doing. I gave him one edamame which he chewed and told me it tasted horrible. I disallowed him to spit out (bad mummy huh? hehe), hence he swallowed them reluctantly. So how to get him to eat them???

Very easy actually... just toss the edamame together with the lettuce, capsicum (something he won't eat on its own as well) and pasta with some Japanese mayonnaise and lots of freshly grounded black pepper. Chill in fridge before serving. My boiboi lapped these up after he has finished his fillets without any questions ask what's inside the salad!

Pacific Tempura Fish Fillets served with pasta salad

A very satisfying lunch indeed. Thanks Yozora for the recommendation ;-)

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  1. I aced in lessons about frying frozen food too. Got medals to show on arms & even thighs. :,(

  2. I always saw it but never bought it coz its so expensive. Now I want to try it!

  3. you are most welcome babe..but i must do it again the next time accompanied by your salad...what a winning combo :D

  4. We've tried the black pepper version...very nice! :p

  5. u make freezer food look so good, u clever clever gal :D 2 thumbs up!

  6. tummythoz, i failed miserabily then! LOL

    paris, after some calculations, i think it's not so expensive after all

    thanks yozora

    twosuperheroes, i didn't wanna try that, scared too hot for my boiboi

    cumi&ciki, just fry the frozen food only wor?? hahaha

    thanks johnna ;-)

  7. wah. U so hardworking. Will even fry the frozen fish? I will just chuck in the oven! hahaha.

    But the mayo and edaname is a good idea. Even without the mayo, I can munch of edaname for ages. Lucky it is healthy.

  8. I love Pacific West fillet too, it's juicy & yummy. :)

  9. i saw this brand but wasn't sure about it, so i didnt get it. but now after reading your post, i am encouraged to try it. thanks for sharing !

  10. daphne, i wud loved to but there isn't any instructions on how to bake these fillets :(

    great to find out about this huh karen?

    allthingspurple, actually i have the same thots, luckily Yozora informed they were good.


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