Monday, 18 August 2008

50+1 Malaysia

I've just gotten my copy of 50+1 Malaysia from Quachee Enterprise. I was kinda surprised when I saw the content of the envelope cos I was expecting a coffee table kinda book hahaha but nevertheless this palm sized booklet packed up a lot of punch. I loved the size, weight and quality of the booklet... not to mentioned it's contents!!! It will be so easy for me to send this overseas or pass on to tourists or visitors to Malaysia.

50+1 Malaysia

It's so easy to read with the few categorisations, placements and I'm glued to all those photos that QuaChee had sourced from blogs and flickr. Browse and look for my photos! (Hint: don't expect to see my photos in the Food section though bwahahahaha...)

If you wish to grab a copy of 50+1 Malaysia, you can do so by dropping by themalaysiapage now as this book is going on sale for RM19.90 only with free shipping thrown in within Malaysia! Alternatively, you can get a copy from your favourite bookstores in Malaysia.

Thank you QuaChee for allowing me to be part of your project.

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