Monday, 11 August 2008

Of Alf and Jabba the Hut...

**This is halal, just the shape is NOT :p**

This reminded me of Alf... No?


How about these??? Jabba the Hut!

Jabba the Huts

LOL sighhh that was how my so called Moon Cake Festivity Biscuits turned out! Will experiment more with this, well, when I'm not lazy.

I've used the recipe from Famous Cuisine magazine and it's quite easy peasy as the ingredients including the golden syrup are easily available at the baking supply stores, otherwise I nearly flipped when I read that I need to store homemade golden syrup for 2 months before I can use it! The dough is made the day before and I kept them in the fridge. Remove the dough and leave to soften a bit in room temperature.

Next, I measured out the fillings ie. dau yoong (I've no idea what's this in English) and dau sar (red bean) - both also store bought; and roll them into balls. I kept them refrigerated whilst I measure out the dough portions.

For the freestyle round piggy or rather Jabba the Hut, the filling is 20g each and the dough is 30g. The large wooden piggy mould that I've gotten is best fitted with 50g fillings and 60g dough. Anything more than this, will spilled over at the base and won't turn out so nice looking. The eyes were fitted in by boiboi with halved black beans (noticed how some of them looking cock eyed hehehe). To shape the fillings easier, just need to oiled my hands a bit. For the dough, use some flour to prevent sticking.

Freestyle Piggy Festive Biscuits - Dau Yoong filling

Once everything were measured, then it's rather simple especially those moulded with the wooden piggy (pre-oiled). All I need to do was roll the dough slightly elongated in my floured hands and wrapped the fillings with it. Next, flour the mould generously and pour out the flour. Place the dough into the mould and slowly spread the dough around to fit everything inside the mould. After that whacked the mould a couple of times on the table and the dough will come out perfectly. Place biscuit on a lined tray.

For the free style version, roll dough into round shape and wrap it around the filling. Place on a tray and repeat with the rest. Next, shape the snouts, ears and tails to decorate the rounds into a piggy. Press in the eyes. The reason I've gotten Jabba the Hut instead of piggy was the dough rounds got soften and sorta melted at the bottom. I guess I need to refrigerate these whilst I tend to other things like what I did! I went and shaped the rest of the doughs in the wooden mould before placing everything into the oven. Thinking of saving some hot energy by stuffing all 3 trays in on go *stick out tongue*

Moulded Piggy Festive Biscuits - Dau Sar filling

Moon Festival Cutey Biscuits

600g low protein flour/plain flour
600g golden syrup
1 1/2 tbsp alkaline water
100g peanut oil

Topping (beaten):
1 egg + 1 egg yolk


1. Mix golden syrup with peanut oil and alkaline water, gradually add in flour, mix well till combined and soft.

2. Wrap the soft dough with cellophane paper, rest for 1 day or overnight. (All I did was cover the mixing bowl with cling wrap and
stored in the fridge overnight.)

3. Divide dough into many portions, form into rounds. Dust some plain flour into the biscuit moulds, then press douigh into mould. Next, invert onto baking tray.

4. Bake in preheated oven at 180C for 10 mins. Remove from oven, leave to cool, and brush some beaten egg on the surface, and continue baking for another 10 mins until golden in colour. Leave to cool before serving.

Ref: Famous Cuisine Vol. 51 July-Aug 2008, page 7

1. For freestyle shaped biscuits, store dough in fridge in between shaping the biscuits to prevent dough from sagging or get out of shape.

2. Brush the egg wash evenly to achieve even colouring of the biscuits. Otherwise, it will look patchy.

3. Do not over bake, watch the biscuits in the oven after the egg wash. Remove from oven immediately once it's golden in colour which may be less than 10 mins stated in the recipe depending on your oven. Else, the biscuits will crack or streaks will form on the egg wash (looks like stretch marks).

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  1. oh my gosh...THIS is my favourite! Haha. I usually prefer eating these biscuits over mooncakes! Love the cute piggies, OOPS..I mean Jabba the Hut. Haha. :p

  2. TOO cute! such adorable cakes.. dunno to eat or to cuddle.. lol. The kids would love it

  3. Hahaha.... nice attempt at shaping. Jabba the Hut can be cute too. :P

  4. twosuperheroes, i just saw these at the minimart, RM2.00 each only!!! sighhh...

    yeah cumi & ciki, i know i loved these when i was a kid too

    ;-) pea are you game in making these?

    belacan, you're the first to say jabba the hut is cute! my fren said they look like jar jar binks! urggh

  5. usually those sold outside tarak inti... and i think dau yoong = green bean paste

  6. yours are definitely nicer than the ones i made...shhhh..dun want to mention the blogger.. nanti it is not her recipe but me who didn't do it right.. very yummy.. thank you. btw, aunty said thank you but she wanted to save it. told her not to.. coz homemade stuff has no preservatives.. so better eat it before the mold comes :D

  7. OMG! You know how to make them without the mould? Cool!

  8. My father really loves the biscuit. Sadly, the shop where we always bought our biscuit every year has done some special trick on their products, which I suspect has something to do with the rising price of ingredients. I think I can make some for him next year. Where do you buy the biscuit moulds?

  9. yozora, try this recipe then. quite simple.

    jessie, i saw in the mag leh, just copy only but mine turned out looking like jabba the hut :(

    andie, am not sure where are you located but the moulds can be easily found in bakery supplies stores in Kuala Lumpur and also at certain crockery shops in Chinatown. if you're overseas let me know if you need any.

  10. Oh my! These are the cuttest thing I've seen today, cool!


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