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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 25 August 2008

Black Bean Soup

Pablopabla of Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food is running a contest and don't say I didn't inform you guys that he's giving away more than USD100 as the prizes!!! It's very generous of him and the closing date is 31st August 2008. Head on to his blog to check the details of this contest. Hurry!!!

Now back to my entry... since I'm feeling lucky as it's my Birthday, I decided to post this up today haha... Based on his Black Bean Soup recipe, this is my version done in a pressure cooker.

Black Beans Soup

Black Bean Soup

200g black beans
1.5 litre water
1 free range chicken carcass
10 - 15 red dates

Wash and soak the black beans for about 30 mins.

Chucked everything into the pressure cooker and boil till steam rises out of the vent. Reduce heat to medium low and start clocking for 20 mins. Turn off the heat and let the pressure go off on its own. When done, open the lid and serve the soup hot. You may add in some salt if you like.

The beans turned out super tender and the soup tasted of natural sweetness of the 3 ingredients. I simply loved this soup. This soup is very good for ladies especially during confinement period.

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daphne said...

ooo. Happy birthday x2! hahaha =)

The soup looks delicious and nutritious. U always hv great recipes that is good for the body.

erimin said...

it definitely looks delicious.

Tummythoz said...

Mothers say it helps blood circulation. Or was it fortifying iron. Or .. aiya I always get confused. Sometimes I'll mix in peanuts so the whole pot doesn't look so black. Hope whatever nutreints remain intact.

Oh, a happy hapi belated b'day wish for Babe & Boiboi.

Ciki said...

i love them beans.. especially when they get really soft and the outer skin breaks from the inside in your mouth!

choi yen said...

I just had this last week :)

Olive Poppy said...

Happy birthday! And I'm salivating just looking at the picture of your soup. :D

Valisa said...

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you...
happy birthday dear babbbbbbbbbeeeee,
happy birthday... to you!!!

Many Happy Returns!!! What did you wish for when you blew your birthday candles? And what cake did you have?

whoa looking good. I haven't had this for a longgg time. Mana nak cari red dates, babe! I hope you win. I will make sure I vote for you!!!

twosuperheroes said...

Oh..I love this soup! Haven't had it for some time now. Might just wanna try boiling it too! :p

Before I forget, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to you and your boiboi!! Sorry the wish came a little bit late..haha. But we hope you two have had a great time! May you have many many happy returns... :)

Babe_KL said...

thanks daphne. no choice as now living on my own, dun hv so much nourishing soup from home. moreover have own family to take care now :D

thanks tummythoz but my soup not black, its like light purplish

cumi&ciki, u just know best how to best describe the feelings

lucky u mimi!

thanks missmall

thanks lisa, tempat u tak de red dates ka? try asian groceries shops

thanks superheroes, better late than never ;-)

Ms One Boobie said...

Yummy..!! i gotta remember this recipe.. the next time i managed to get black beans.

Babe_KL said...

mamabok, this recipe is very easy, can cook in slowcooker too

Tracy Tan said...

this sounds like a great soup! happy belated birthday and tks for another recipe :)

Babe_KL said...

thanks tracy, hope you'll like this soup. it's good for ladies :D

chenboon said...

you are now no.2 in the list. hope u will be the winner... ;p

Unknown said...

Looks really good. I'm hungry now. Just voted for you. Good Luck and Happy Birthday.

the coyote

Anonymous said...

Just found out about your win. Congratulations!!!

color rosa said...

i LOVE this soup! Will try it at home real soon. Fabulous! :)