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16 Oct 2012

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

When Food Is Made With Love...

After suffering from dry cough for more than 3 weeks, there is no amount of cough medicine that can cure me now based on my track records. What made it worse is staying inside the aircon during office hours. It doesn't only irritates me, I guess irritates the hell outta hubby too and most prolly those colleagues sitting around me :p

Well either that or he's really concerned...

Last night he double-boiled some orange juice for me. I drank up the whole lot until my stomach bloated with them and I got scolding from him before I went to bed and this morning, again. He said he didn't expect me to finish the whole lot especially when I start to feel full hehehe... hmmm and I thought I must not waste something made outta so much love. Muahahaha... sighhh but instead... nevermind.

I felt a bit better now, coughing less. Perhaps another dose tonight will make it better. I think tonight I might have to DIY already and make extra to share some love around.

Easy peasy... squeeze orange juice. Next, sieve the juice into a double-boiler cause you won't want any sapsac or pulp (thanks FBB) inside. The sapsac or pulp will cause you to cough more, so make sure NO SAPSAC at all inside!!! You may add some rock sugar if you can't stomach sourish drinks. Alternatively is to add honey after double-boiling. Double-boil the juice for 30 mins but my colleague said it's best to double-boiled it for 4-6 hours! A bit madness there kekeke mmmm maybe can do it in a slow cooker. Drink whilst it's warm.

Double-boiled orange juice

I think it's also my lucky day yesterday, I got half a loaf of Bread with Raisins and Almond Slivers from Yozora. Made full of love definitely cause she woke up at 2am just to remove the bread from the machine to cool it down, preventing the moisture trapped inside the machine which will cause the bread damp!!! Hubby and I have them for breakie this morning. Hubby had his with butter and kaya, he asked me to compliment the chef! I had one slice with peanut butter and another with butter. All tasted great!!!

Yozora's Raisin and Almonds Bread

Both hubby and Yozora definitely have collected some merits for these compassion acts for the day. Thank you so much. I feel very blessed *hugs*


Ciki said...

get well soon!

Unknown said...

Thanks babe, V has been coughing for a few days now and we've exhausted our repertoire of home remedies. Going to make some of this for her now.

btw: it's hard to put this comment in. Your comment system doesn't recognise my google login information and I have to use my defunct blogger sign in.

domesticgoddess said...

hmmm... i'm gonna try out this remedy for cough since there are not many cough medicine suitable for pregnant patient.
thx babe.

umami said...

babe, sorry, the google thing works now.

Valisa said...

I was about to scold you for using cough syrup. NAUGHTY NAUGHTY BABE! Hahahahahaha was about to ask you to ketuk ketampi even ;-) Thank god you have such a loving hubby. Am going to try this remedy too. And what a great treasure of a friend to send in some home made bed - you are indeed Loved!
get well soon and take care! Otherwise you get another ketuk ketampi order from moi ;-)

Min said...

hope you're feeling better..never heard that orange juice petua before. Oh, so you and Yazora is in the same office ?

with a pinch of love said...

wow. SEDAP!!!!!!!! i mite have to link u.. how yummy! said...

I have never heard or know that orange works this way. Cos my mom forbade me to take oranges when coughing. Must keep this in mind, just in case.

Ms One Boobie said...

Awww..!!! so sweet..!

Father of the baBes said...

I can only say special people needed special care beyond TLC! Am not good in doing these stuff actually (my babe can attest to that) but I try to remember all goodness I get and pass it on...Merits to my mom who spend her nights whipping up this for me when I was much younger and coughing....hehehe

PS: To my Babe: Take what you need is my underlying principle!

twosuperheroes said...

Babe, hope you're feeling better now. With so much love around, I believe you will definitely get well soon! Haha.. :p

Btw, nice tip on the orange juice. Didn't know got such remedy before this. Haha.

daphne said...

oh babe! hope u r feeling better soon. I know how cough can be irritating! Take care.

Tummythoz said...

Not cooking coca-cola meh? Oh this ornage juice tip should taste so much better than those yucky cough syrup dispensed by clinics.
So much TLC, how not to get well?

fatboybakes said...

ooh, tummythoz, i luv those cough syrups, esp the drowsiness inducing ones.
err, babe, what is orange sap ah?

Unknown said... more cough mixture for the next many months yeah!..glad you are feeling much better after the orange drink. haha..glad that your hubby is also a willing test bunny.

btw, would you want to try out the vicks remedy? just to see if it works ;).. or did you test out the "cotton bud soaked with minyak angin and placed inside the ear" remedy? No ingestion of anything .. so i think it is much "safer"..thinks so?

Babe_KL said...

thanks cumi & ciki

see wah, i've now open my comment to openID users ie those from wordpress, aol/aim, typekey etc. hope it's easier now. btw there is no 100% sure cure remedy for cough. the only option is to try different ones like tikam2 haha

congrats domesticgoddess on your pregnancy. hope this works for you.

lisa, hahaha itu ubat doctor sah bagi one... herbal based one :p

yasmin, we work in the same building

thanks for dropping by and linking me, with a pinch of love

lilian, fresh juice is a NO NO but this one after double-boiling is ok

as sweet as PB eh mama bok??

thank you darling kk lol tonight got some more or not???

thanks twosuperheroes, hopefully can cure fast cos its darn irritating

yes yes very irritating indeed daphne but its not as bad as having night cough

tummythoz, boiled coke wid ginger ka? i thot that's for flu??

eeee... FBB is a cough syrup junkie:p oppsie daisie!!!! sorry my bad, it should be pulp not SAP!!!

yozora, the vicks is for night cough ler. i think i'm slightly better today. maybe tonight will drink one more round, or maybe try another remedy perhaps.