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Review: Ipoh Mali Dai Bao and Dai Dai Lup Yue Tarn


Ahahahaha sorry for the title, I'm feeling very sarky now since I'm off on Friday.

You see, sometime back, my SIL in Ipoh got us some dai bao (big bao) and one bagfull of yue tarn (fishballs). I'm not sure where the heck she got them in Ipoh but both the dai bao and yue tarn tasted darn good and they're huge (check them out next to a Chinese soup spoon)! The yue tarn taste and smell fresh even after a few days sitting in the fridge. Best of all it really contained fish meat instead of flour fillers and yet maintain its bounciness.

Ipoh Mali Yue Tarn - Huge

Those were how dai bao and yue tarn supposed to taste and look like originally. It's so hard to find dai bao that have proper filling of sliced pork, one piece of chicken, quartered hard boiled egg, reasonably sized chunks of turnips and a slice of char siu (BBQ pork) in one especially in Kuala Lumpur. Most of the time the dai bao would just have a lump of fatty minced meat inside with the egg and nothing else. This is not a dai bao!!!!

Ipoh Mali Dai Bao 01

Ipoh Mali Dai Bao 02

Ipoh Mali Dai Bao 03

Can someone please tell me where to find a real dai bao in Kuala Lumpur or perhaps Klang Valley??? Thanks in advance.

As to where to find this in Ipoh, Jason or Paprika, any idea???

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  1. Tai pau and yue tarn are integral to dim sum offerings of any famous dim sum restaurant in Ipoh. The most famous being: Foh san, Ming Court, Yoke Fuk Mun(forgot spelling ;P).
    You can find them in all these dim sum place.
    But the best tai pau I've had has got to be the stall in Menglembu pasar. Very juicy. Alamak, my saliva coming out!
    Eh, Kl i dunno where to get wor.

  2. I seldom take tai pao here cos hardly could find a good one. The ingredients in yours look so delicious!

  3. KL Tai Pao you want ??..hahahahah
    Cheras Connaught Yip Chee Mei Tai

  4. OHHHHHHHHHH....tai pao!!! I miss eating tai pao!! Hahahaha...Now you're making me wanna hunt for tai paos in Melaka too when I get back there tomorrow. :p

  5. Wow..! these looked too good to be truth..!! i'll die for a dai pao now.. :) and i'm a huge fan of fishballs.. :)

  6. The dai bao looks darn good! You should ask your SIL where she got it at Ipoh.

  7. The Taman Connaught Yip Chi Mei dai bao can?

  8. Oh man, that's like my fav childhood snack.. no wonder i was obese.. but oh so good...

  9. Nice new template and masthead. I like I like. The yu tarn are so big fat and bouncy looking. Yummy! I am a sucker for fish balls.

  10. everything are so gigantic !! :P

  11. ooh .. Foh San lin yong pao is to die for. Try the tai pau in Tmn. Megah PJ. This shop called Kei Mei.
    Drop by

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  13. thanks sakuragi

    pea & belacan, will find out from my SIL where she got them in Ipoh

    9393 & simon, yip chee mei dai bao not nice one la, the bao too thick

    twosuperheroes, waiting for your report from melaka!!!

    mamabok, i can tell from your blog ;-)

    daphne, my aunties from spore will pack dai baos back to show to their kids how big Msian dai baos can be like hahaha

    thanks beeyinn. this one very good, lightly fried and not oily.

    ya hor ling hehehe

    thanks for the info allaboutattitude

    thank you private chef, i've gotten your email before

  14. Penang Dai Pau and Ipoh Dai Pau is so much different. Just can't tell what's the different, but I guess Ipoh one is better... cuz, some how Ipoh Dim Sum is better than Penang one... or am being bias?

  15. the fishballs can easily get from most dimsum outlets. its BIG, yummy, juicy and bouncy cz they charge at RM1.40 per pc (at FohSan, i think). hehe... as for BIG pau, there are a few in Ipoh, namely Langkap Pau (various branches in Bercham, Menglembu etc), and few others from smaller shops/stalls that i know of.

  16. normally whn i 'met' this kind of bao skin and i choose not to eat it.. cos it look ugly!! hahax! aww love bao wif egggggggggggggg

  17. I believe there are some really HUGE tai pau in Cheras. I know a few places who sells them. But tai pau isn't really that good, considering the pau skin is soooo thick !

  18. The fishballs can easily get from any dim sum restaurants in Ipoh (that's the reason I only like fishballs from dim sum place!)

    As for Tai Pau, I think dim sum places also serves similar version but I remembered I saw they are also being sold in pasar malam.

  19. NKOTB, seriously i wont know cos never eaten Penang baos before

    j2kfm, hmm dun think these are from Foh San since she gotten them in the afternoon

    hahaha yamillicious!! so you just eat the fillings?

    tim, those are yip chi mei dai baos, not nice one

    hmmm ok will check wid my SIL then Jason

  20. Hehehe...dai dai lup yue tarn. So cute!

  21. Hey there, just came across your blog. Good tai baoz in KL can be found in Tuck Kee dimsum Kepong (if you don't already know). RM6 per bao and make sure you have someone to share with you


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