Friday, 25 April 2008

Review: Rojak Kader

Simon Seow left a comment in my fruit rojak in TTDI post stating that Taman Tun Dr Ismail seems to have all the best rojaks around. I have to agree with Simon on this. There is another mini van selling a very good pasembor/Indian style rojak. You can find Rojak Kader in the afternoon along Jalan Damansara, opposite Petronas/Shell/Lim Tayar (TTDI). Please turn left after the van and another left turn to park your car in the housing estate rather than park by the main road. It's rather dangerous and sometimes there are too many cars slowed down and park at the side caused slight congestion here.

rojak kader

I managed to dug out these old pictures of mine which I have neglected to post up. We have packed the rojak back home to eat. You can request to eat your rojak there underneath the yumyum trees as there are a couple of picnic tables with benches around the little strip of garden. They also serve cendol but it's not nice in my opinion. There is another stall nearby selling fresh coconut juice, just perfect to drench your thirst after the rojak.

On the left picture is how the rojak with sotong is packed. The peanuty sauce is packed separately. On the right, the rojak is plated with the sauce drizzled all over. Typical pasembor/Indian rojak will have strips of cucumber and turnips (sengkuang in Malay); hard boiled egg; deep fried beancurd; boiled potatoes; prawn fritters and hard fritters. The sauce is usually sweet potatoes based with loads of crushed peanuts.

kader rojak bungkus kader rojak plated wid gravy

The combination of ingredients and sauce at Rojak Kader melded together wonderfully forming a satisfying snack or even a full meal. I simply loved the hard fritters that somehow tasted coconutty to me. The thick peanut sauce is of the right blend of spices and taste. It's sweetish with a tinge of tang. The rojak with sotong is around the region of RM4.50 and without is RM3.50.

Rojak Kader
Jalan Damansara
Coordinates: 3°8'29"N 101°37'29"E


  1. I like the way you put in the coordinates for this place. Can you do this for all your future blog entries please? It makes it easy to find and travel to the place. Thanks.

  2. hehehehehehe . . . .she travels a lot JOHN K.

  3. It's been ages since I had pasembor rojak. T_T

  4. Hey babe! I just tried the pak tong koh. Parts of the koh has honeycomb, but other parts of it was a bit doughy. Any idea why? Was it not proofed enough? How bubbly should it be ah?? Or was it not cooked enough? I cooked it until it was the consistency of thick condensed milk.

  5. thanks for the suggestion John K, I so happened to have searched for it in wikimapia and it was there. will do it if i'm free

    not really la mike

    NKOTB, still need to watch wat you eat?

    jason, this one is superb

    kat, mine also did not honeycombed much. maybe you might have cooked it a bit too long. then make sure cool down as stated else will kill the yeast. mine didn't bubbled much but my fren one did and in a shorter time too. maybe need to try another round huh?

  6. Hmm have not been there but remember seeing this Kader name before. Does it have a chain of vans around Klang Valley?

  7. Wow. Didn't expect a link from fehmes you. Thanks.

    There's another one just outside Petronas station but it's not as good as the opposite one.

  8. There's another rojak pasembor sold in TTDI dry market car park. Jalan Wan Kadir.

    Sold by an old Indian muslim uncle, who has been selling in TTDI before 1994.

    Try his rojak with fried prawns. The chendol is also highly recommended.

    IMHO, way much better than Kader or the one opposite TTDI Petronas.

    Google Maps:


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