Friday, 11 April 2008

Review: Restaurant Hung Kee


One evening I wanted to eat wantan mee but it's hard to find good wantan mee at that hour. I know most will ended up at the Sungai Besi wantan mee but seriously their quality seems to have really gone down the drain that I won't grade it as wantan mee anymore. Suddenly I recalled Restaurant Hung Kee is opened at night now but not sure if they serve wantan mee cause they also serves dai chow (stir fry) dishes and noodles. So hubby suggested we take a gamble.

Boy as I walked in the place, I was really glad to see char siu (bbq pork), siew yuk (roasted pork) and roast chicken hanging on the hooks. Loads of fresh noodles on the display too... wooohoooo very the happy hehe...

Since this place have always been labelled as "cut throat" place, we're more cautious in our order these days. The trick is NEVER order the meat in platters! It's best to stick to individual portion. There was once, we both paid more than RM25 for our platter of char siu, siew yuk and roast duck and 2 plain wantan mee!!!!

This round we ordered 2 plates of char siu wantan mee since they've ran out of siew yuk!!! So fast finish even though we saw some when we walked in. We also have 4 pieces of sui kow (dumplings).

The sui kow came first and it's filled with minced meat and prawns and have strips of black fungus (moke yue) which lend a crunchy bite to it.

HK - sui kow HK - inside of the sui kow

This was how the dry version of wantan mee with char siu looked like. I loved the QQ (bouncy and crunchy) noodles and the sauce is just the taste as I would have expected out of a wantan mee. However was a tad disappointed with the char siu. They've cut it soooo thick which render them a bit tough especially they've given me the lean meat. Sighhh... but I'm not complaining, especially when the wantan (meat dumpling) is soooo plump with meat!!! Not only that, the bowl had SIX wantans inside!!!!! It's sooo hard to find plump wantan let alone they gave 6 each instead of the usual which can range from 2 to 4 pieces.

HK - char siu meen

HK - wantan

We walked out satisfied having to pay only RM13.50 for 2 plates of wantan mee (small), 4 pieces of sui kow and a glass of Chinese tea. Heh... so don't say I didn't impart the tip of ordering single portion ok ;-)

Restaurant Hung Kee
28-5 and 28-6, Jalan Loke Yew
Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

Check out EatinOut for the map.

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  1. wah sg besi isnt THAT bad until u call it going down the drain lah. still edible lah the last couple of times i went there. granted, it's not like its glory days.

  2. O now eating wanton mee oso making sure got no cut in the neck ! then this round you saved half, time to belanja with the savings now noodles price go up so high ledi ! Good , yr new colors n post is becoming breezier light !

  3. yohhh lanatir dat place kenot la in my book unless utmost desperate craving for wantan mee hehehe

    thanks team BSG

  4. Ahh..!! i'll pay anything lah.. just to eat that.. Babe.. :)

  5. My friend's hardware shop just a few shops next to Hung Kee. Used to eat here when I work in Menara MAA. Should try to revisit here again.

  6. Looks great! I need to come to your blog for places to eat when I go back to M'sia! :)

  7. I hate thick char siew too... hate it more if it's dry :S

  8. nowadays all the famous places to eat in KL, don't taste the same anymore... Hung Kee also not spared, but still I think if we go back to their main store once in a while hor, you might still get to taste their original wantan mee, which used to be "Tin Har Mou Dik"

  9. kekeke mamabok, we have plenty of choices here, lucky :p

    visit them soon simon!

    haha belacan, yes please. can email me for more :P

    but thick and fat its ok hor jason? :p dang sinful

    bernsy, did you know there is a change in management in Hung Kee? they sold of the biz to the current owner, hence they're open at night now plus have dai chow :D

  10. hmm..the char siew looks dry man! hey, still, it is probably a good meal =)

  11. I heard the noodles are done by themselves thus explains the freshness and tasfulness of the noodles. The char siew compliments it. So far, i have only heard. Getting someone to bungkus for me for lunch. Yummy ... hope to do a post on my yet-to-be revamped site.


  12. 7 more minutes...and now my mind is filled with SUI KOW!!! Where to find good SUI KOW in Mont' Kiara leh???!!!???!!!

  13. daphne, i can just eat the noodles plain hehe

    wow homemade noodles? thanks for the info alex

    pea, sorry la i dunno how to help you :p


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