Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Review: Restoran Uncle Chili at Amcorp Mall

UC - Uncle Chili

Not to be mistaken with the other Uncle Chili's at PJ Hilton, this Uncle Chili is located at the basement of Amcorp Mall. It basically serves local dishes especially Chinese style dishes and best of all it's halal. The last I went there with my clients, they ran the place from a double shoplot but now they have expanded. I've tasted their Chinese dishes and find they're delicious.

This time we ordered single portion meal instead since it was just the two of us. Hubby ordered his usual nasi lemak (RM5.50). I tasted the nasi lemak and find the sambal is nice of the sweetish side, where else the coconut rice is not fragrant enough while the chicken rendang lacklustre. Worst of all, the deep fried ikan bilis (anchovies) are super HARD!!!!! Left them untouched.

UC - nasi lemak RM5.50

Thank goodness my Kum Heong Style Loh Shue Fun (RM5.50) saves the day!!!! The loh shue fun (a type of rice noodles) is full of wok hei (breath of the wok) and indeed very special when done kum heong (literally translated as golden aroma which is actually fried with spicy dried shrimps) style. It has the right balance of taugeh (beans sprout), egg strands and noodles. Came with a couple of medium sized prawns. A tad oily at the bottom portion though which I left untouched.

UC - kum heong style loh shue fun RM5.50

Hubby had a cup of hot honey lime (RM2.50) and a cincau lime (RM1.80) for myself. Total bill after 5% Government tax is only RM16.05. Pretty reasonable for a restaurant found inside a mall. Do pay them a visit if you happen to be at Amcorp Mall.

Restoran Uncle Chili
Unit No. LG08 & LG28,
Lower Ground Floor,
Amcorp Mall,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 6012-225 9918

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  1. i ate at this place a few times already. it's food is not too bad and price is very reasonable (for such a joint).. :). actually, not much choice at Amcorp Mall also these days. I think Subway already tutup kedai?

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  3. yozora, yeah not much choice. otherwise we'll go to that japanese restaurant upstairs

    errr sorry bunbungirl, i dun understand japanese written in your blog :p

  4. great blog! the loh shee fun luks outa this world. thx 4 da tip :)

  5. hmmm . . . dont they get sue for the name ? weird . . .

  6. nice!!! Certainly like the look of that nasi lemak with chicken rendang!

  7. I've always love mi tak mak (loh shue fun) as a kid - in soups! The wok hei version looks like black pepper udon.

  8. They are still open? I used to go there for lunch many many years ago since its was closer to my office in Jln Gasing. I like going there because they have many types of noodles. I like the Shanghai noodles or something. and the price is not too bad. Glad to know that they are still in business. What about the kopitiam on the ground floor. Are they still open.

  9. thanks cumi & ciki

    mike, different spelling

    daphne, looks nice only but tasted so-so

    tigerfish, nowadays it's popular to cook loh shue fun in claypot or stir-fry it

    flower, not only still in biz but expanded to very big now! not sure about the kopitiam though

  10. Ah, Uncle Chili. I got to go there a few times on a two-week business trip. So good and the prices were terrific! We ate ourselves into a stupor (as Americans do sometimes :$) and spent surprisingly little money. Would go again. And again, and again...


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