Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Cooling Drinks Series: Watermelon Skin Drink

Boiled watermelon skin drink

Did you know that you can boil the skin of watermelon to produce a type of drink that will soothe your body system? Heh yes... you heard it right? It's watermelon skin!!!

Before cutting up a watermelon (red preferabily as it's sweeter, I've tried with yellow and it doesn't taste as fragrant and sweet) wash and scrub the skin clean of any dirt and grubs. Cut it up and reserve the red meat portion to be eaten as usual. It's ok to leave the white part together with the skin. Cut them into small pieces and place in a big pot. Fill up with water, doubled the height of the skins. Boil them in low heat for a couple of hours or even three. Sweeten with rock sugar if necessary. Discard the skins and drink the concoction warm or cold.

This drink has "yoon" (moistening/strengthening??) property. Trust me, this drink taste utmost fragrant and delicious!


  1. wow...I didn't know that! And to think I would always throw them away. Such a waste... Now I know what to do with the skin already. Haha. :p

  2. This is the first time I'm hearing of this. Thanks for the suggestion. Is it an old remedy or something?

  3. hmm... we usually throw the skin away, now can put them to good use ~ tks ^_^

  4. i heard bout this but have yet to try. is that really works?!

  5. i am just recovering from my Fever, do you think i shud go for it ?

  6. cool. will it make my skin gorgeous.. haha.. gimme quik :P

  7. This is definitely a first for me. Kinda like boiling dong gua, right? Even the skin is used and not just the flesh. But I'm surprised the taste remains sweet. Maybe it's time to buy some watermelons and have a go at this... ;)

  8. twosuperheroes & ling239, give it a try and let me know how was it ok??

    LL, am not so sure cos my mom learnt it from someone elses too

    lanatir, no lard :D

    ai wei, not sure it works to soothe the body or not but it does taste good.

    you can try bernsy. shld be harmless.

    give it a try joe

    cumi & ciki, fast fast make your own :p

    kenny, its not only taste sweet but err its fragrant like pandan leaves. do try and let me know ya.

  9. That's a good idea! Weather is soooo hot nowadays! Where to find leung cha here??! Hopefully can get watermelon!

  10. Interesting wor...didn't know can use it that way. Next time i will make sure it doesn't go into the rubbish bin anymore. Thanks for the tips!

  11. try this kat. its nice to drink!

    no problem pea

  12. wow seriously something new to me too! must try it the next time i buy watermelon :D

  13. damn now i have go buy one watermelon to try this recipe!

  14. For that special time: Watermelon like Viagra?

    Maybe there would be some additional benefit(s) if we added a shot or two of rum???


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