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Luncheon Meat Fried Rice


Luncheon Meat Fried Rice

Lard post dedicated to Lanatir.

One of my favourite fried rice is with luncheon meat (Lyrical Lemongrass' fave too). Simply cube the luncheon meat up and fry it in non-stick pan till brown. You'll notice some oil will oozes out from the meat. Remove the luncheon meat and get rid of the oil (but if you're Lanatir, you can use the oil to cook the rice).

You can use back the same pan or change into a clean wok. Scramble some eggs in oil and set aside. Next, fry some chopped garlic till fragrant in some oil. Pour in some mixed vegetables and stir. Add in day-old rice and stir. Sprinkle in soy sauce to taste and a few dashes of pepper (I've used black for this round). Add in the eggs and luncheon meat. Stir until well mixed. Dish up and serve hot!

Please take note that the YiGe brand (green can) luncheon meat is the recommended choice other than MaLing (with the red stamp on the cover). I have to state this otherwise Lanatir guru will whack me again hehehe...

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  1. L.meat, garlic, egg and rice - fastest bestest meal evah!! For fibre, can always eat orange/apple after that.. :D

    Sometimes I actually boil rice to fry rice!! And I have been known to reserve bacon oil (oil that ooze out when I grill bacon in the oven. It smells sooooo good!!) for frying rice..

  2. You can't waste that precious oil from the luncheon meat leh. It's perfect for frying the rest of the stuff. haha.

  3. hah clever girl!!!! but if u got a really big fire, and u fry the rice with the eggs, u can really bring out the fragrance from the simple ingredients.

    anyway, i must recommend the superb thai fried rice at lucky restaurant in section 17 PJ. if u're there, try it!!!!

  4. I prefer the Meining brand. Can see the chunks of meat clearly and it is not so saltish. I discovered it through a friend....but can't find them at the supermarkets, dunno why. eating this, you will not like other

  5. yum yum! I can't bring myself to cook luncheon meat anymore. Sigh. I know its beautiful and delicious but its just so filled with nitrates and other unhealthy stuff. Sniff.

  6. i LOVE luncheon meat. paprika, eat the tulip brand one la, not as nitrateous as the chinese ones i'm sure...the price of luncheon meat is inversely proportional to amount of nitrate...are nitrates worse than day rates?

  7. *looks at discussion above*

    I had no idea there were so many different brands of luncheon meat. Which one is the one with the pale blue and orange design on the can? That's the one I use lah...

    As a certain poet would put it, what 'babitarians' we all are... Lol.

  8. kat, most times i will boil extra rice and use it for fry rice hehe

    yohh LL hehehe i just can't la :p

    yes lanatir, dats another style but i prefer my eggs this way

    zwan, never heard of dat brand. maybe will check out.

    yup paprika, you can use the tulip brand like wat FBB said hehehe, well not dat i eat luncheon meat often. maybe only like less than 5 times a year :p

    FBB ;-)

    kenny, these chinese manufacturer hor loves to confuse us by printing the same colour, if not similar pic labels!!! the only difference would be just the name and logo! sometimes it's so hard to tell, plus i heard there are imitations as well!!!!

  9. I must have never discovered the right brand of luncheon meat to use. All those I have tried seemed to "melt" in the fry, leaving a consistency like excrement! We can get MaLing here, but its made in Holland. Any european brands to try. Maybe I could see if Tulip that fbb uses is any better.

  10. ooohhh... am gonna try it... but I wonder if it's ok to use brown rice to use for fried rice... anyone tried b4?

  11. ~aSstHa~, yes you could. check out this recipe:

    Mixed Grains Fried Rice -


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