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Review: Restoran Cozy Corner at Ampang Park

Did you know that Ampang Park have a lot of wonderful gems inside? Touted the oldest shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, it's surprising that it's still abuzz with activities in here. Apart from the usual clothings, shoes, electrical, supermarket and so forth in here, hidden here is a shop selling and repair remote control (RC) cars which I used to visit with hubby and his RC enthusiast friend.

Inside the confusing tiers of shops, there are a lot of eating places. Aside from the super duper yummilicious roasted suckling pig at Sin Lok Restaurant, you can find lots of holes in the wall serving delicious goodies ranging from Chinese to Malay to Mamak fare. Other than these, we loved to visit Restoran Cozy Corner for they serve wonderful western and local cuisines, a place popular with the Malays since it's a halal joint. The Malays seems to be very fond of the Chinese noodles and dishes here which I feel one of the better halal place around town. Their sister over at GE Mall, Cosy House, is always crowded too but the food is not as good.

Cosy Corner is rather similar to The Ship except for the nautical theme. The menu for both western and local are very extensive.

Cozy Corner

I asked for a Sizzling Steak (RM30) which I think it's sirloin but I can't really remember. It came with a side salad of plain lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes topped with standard thousand island dressing; a bun; and the steak was accompanied by baked potato and tomato. Pretty standard fare there but the brown sauce was tasty and the meat was done just right as per my order of medium well.

CC - side salad and warm bun

CC - sizzling sirlion

Hubby's order of Bandung Fried Rice (RM8.50) is HUGE!!! Judging from the ingredients, it's rather value for money indeed. The rice is delicious accompanied by a medium sized piece of fried chicken, fried egg and papadums. There are lots of ingredients in the rice itself.

CC -Bandung Fried Rice

Service here is attentive and fast. Tasty food. Reasonabily priced. What more to ask for?

Restoran Cozy Corner
Lot 266-271, 1st Floor
Ampang Park Shopping Centre
Jalan Ampang
Tel: 603-2161 5649

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  1. OMG, I have not heard about this place for ages... I remember it being around for like so long....

  2. is this cozy corner same as the one located in Jaya 33 ?

  3. OH YEAH! can you imagine me and my family dined here since roughly 15-20 yrs ago?!!! it was one of our favourite joint for western and eastern delights. really brought back a sense of nostalgia. thanks, Babe. :)

  4. There's a shop with same name in Yulek but it's selling Lor Mee. At first, I thought this is their second shop, heh.

  5. Cozy House, Cozy Corner, different restaurant right? hahaha. The food here looks like its pretty good value for money. Sizzling steak! My god, can't remember the last time I had one! Probably in Coliseum back in the day!

  6. the cozy house in GE Mall serves thai food, not bad also.

    This cozy corner i never been to b4, but the few other chinese restaurants i've been in b4, quite good food and not crowded at dinner times.

    Good to escape here for a few hours to escape the go home traffic jam

  7. There is an outlet at Jaya 33 also..

  8. it has been a long time since i hv seen steak served on a hot plate. =)

  9. theres one at alamanda putrajaya too..theres some hits n misses in the menu but its still a PLZ peng leng zeng place

  10. Wow, this restaurant still ada ke? I think it has been in existent for more than 30 years. I remember going there when I was in primary school and I'm not young anymore. Hehehe. I remembered that we have to queue up for a table during the lunch time. My fav. dishes there are Mee kung foo, spag bol, chicken chop, and steak. I have to go there when I balik kampung. Bring back my childhood memories.

  11. uh huh bernsy

    ling239, am not sure

    j2kfm, you gonna visit them soon?

    jason, dun think its the same haha

    not the same paprika. i think only old skool places serve sizzling steaks :D

    dcyk, do try this place. very yummy food, quite reasonable too

    mimi, are they the same?

    daphne, very old school huh?

    wow kampungboycitygal, din know they hv so many outlets now

    flower, bila balik kampung ni???

  12. All the cozy restaurant are owned by various brothers. The pioneer being thone in Ampang Park! Yes flower it's been there since the 70's and used to be my fav lunch place duing the 80's!

  13. Tak tau lah babe. If my DH said, pack up your bag, I'll pack lah...

  14. thanks for the info klmystic

    flower, cuba tekan sikit kat yr DH :p

  15. Well, food is so so but service is TERRIBLE nowadays...waited for half an hour for a plate of char kuew teow. another time, found this little note attached to their menu for set lunch. We ordered the "chicken rice soup" set lunch and were served chicken rice and soup. Spent sometime waited for our dessert and tea and was told that what we had was chicken rice set, not set lunch! Lady boss even argue that we did not make our order clearly and it was partly our fault!! We are the customers...it can't be our fault that they served us chicken rice right?? Have to pay service charge some more!


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