Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Review: Restaurant Wong Fook Kee

On the day I posted up the Harm Choy Tong (Pickled Mustard Cabbage Soup), I was secretly hoping for a bowl to warm me up on that super cold afternoon (it was raining heavily that day). Sighhh but have to wait for weekend before I could cook another pot. Fate would have it when we decided to drop by Restaurant Wong Fook Kee at Tengkat Tong Shin. Whilst ordering, they ask if we wanted any soup, hubby asked what kinda soup. When the words "harm choy ngarp" (pickled mustard cabagge and duck soup) came up, hubby quickly said yes... hahaha he's a soup lover. Later I confessed to him that I was hoping for some that afternoon and he burst out laughing.

The soup came and we both happily slurping away. Certainly warm us up! I was glad this is the boiled soup and not quick-boiled type. This one have enough "fire" (meaning have boiled for long hours). This soup has duck meat, pickled mustard cabagge, tomatoes and sour plum inside, which is quite typical Nyonya style.

WFK - Duck and harm choy soup

Wong Fook Kee's specialty is actually their claypot mutton but we did not order any since hubby don't really fancy mutton, instead I asked for their Harm Yue Far Larm Poe which is claypot pork belly with salted fish. Sighhh I forgot to ask them to add more salted fish cause it lack of the salted fish taste. Otherwise the pork belly is quite tasty.

WFK - harm yue far larm poe (claypot pork belly and salted fish)

I asked for the 4 Heavenly King vegetable dish, known so by cooking 4 types of vegetables usually a combination of any of these four angled beans, brinjal, french beans, petai, or ladies fingers in sambal belacan. This dish is only okay but I'm not complaining since it has my fave petai inside hehe.

WFK - sei tai tien wong (the four Heavenly Kings)

The dishes and one bowl of normal sized rice plus one bowl of small rice costed RM25.70 without any drinks. As far as I remember, Restaurant Wong Fook Kee has been around for ages serving Chinese dishes for lunch and dinner. They serve "homey" kinda dishes. Give them a try!

Restaurant Wong Fook Kee
43 Tengkat Tong Shin
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-21412865

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  1. i like the sound of homey dishes! must give it a try! thx 4tip

  2. OH petai!! Hahaaah.....
    And I love that soup too!! I thought they can only be found at Nyonya foodie restaurants. :p

  3. i wonder how does petai taste like?

  4. One of my favourite lunch places when working at JRC. Usually we will gather at least 6 pax to enjoy more variety.

  5. Wah, claypot mutton 'Yong Nam Boh'? Have been looking here and there for restaurant to serve up good claypot mutton. Thanks to you, now I know where to find.

  6. Ahh..!! now you made me crave for hum choy tong.. :)

  7. cumi & ciki, no problem. we share2 all the good stuff.

    twosuperheroes, i thot so too but surprisingly found it here

    daphne, its hard to describe... errmm taste green and has a distinct smell which a lot of ppl said it stinky hehe

    it's so sad whenever there's just 2 of us, can't order a lot hor tummythoz

    simon, i hope its nice cos i usually see almost every table have one pot

    awww sorry mamabok :(


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