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16 Oct 2012

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Review: Sin Lok Restaurant

Updated 31 Aug 2010: Sin Lok Restaurant is closed for good as the next generation wasn't interested to take over the business.


SL - Sin Lok Restaurant

Sin Lok Restaurant is amongst the older generation of Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. It is located in Kuala Lumpur's first shopping complex - Ampang Park! One of our manager used to bring our client nearby Ampang Park to Sin Lok for lunch. If I'm around for meetings, I will get to go too hehehe... Their dishes are very much old school and by far I can vouch that they serve the best roasted suckling pig in town! I guess the reason being that they will only roast it before serving even during huge wedding banquet!

We were here last month celebrating the birthday of my dad and aunt. There were 14 of us and I decided to split us up into two tables of 7 each even though they could accommodate all 14 in one table. I refrained as it's quite hard to reach for the food since the table is going to be very big. I pre-ordered some dishes in advance and had to be careful with my choices as there were quite a number of old folks who have problems in eating tough food like meat.

For that I chose to have some marmite pork ribs for the young. This dish is really tasty, just right and not too salty. The ribs were of the tender part. I was surprised my boiboi loved this and ate two pieces! This dish was cleaned up very fast in our errmmm "younger" generation table.

SL - marmite pork ribs

Next came the vegetable dish of fu yue yau mak (stir-fried romaine lettuce in fermented/preserved bean curd). Enough wok hei (breath of the wok) and just the right amount of fu yue.

SL - foo yue yau mak

We have some buttered prawns which came crispy peppered with butter bits. Not only the prawns are large, they're very fresh too. Lovely!

SL - butter prawns

Next we have foo yoong tarn (egg omelette) which is my uncle's favourite dish. When it came, I overheard the older folks table remarked it was his fave and that I've remembered. Sin Lok's version is surprisingly not overly oily and have lots of ingredients in the omelette. Lemme recall - char siu (BBQ meat), chopped prawns, spring onions, onions and errr not sure what else.

SL - foo yoong tarn (omelette)

I've ordered an old school dish - diced chicken in yam ring. The yam ring was cut by the wait staff, I was too late to ask her not to do it, so now you can only see one "opened" ring. The yam ring is made from mashed yam mixed with tapioca flour, shaped into a ring and deep fried. The diced chicken is cooked with an assortment of vegetables of onions, capsicum, baby corn, carrots and cashew nut. This dish was quickly eaten up at our table.

SL - yam ring with diced chicken

The piece of resistance came finally! We only have half a piggy for each table since most of the older folks shun roasted suckling pig. Guess who untung (benefited) the most??? Heh... I tell you and I'm sure Yozora would vouch for this too - this is the most crispy and delicious suckling pig in town! Very reasonabily priced too - only RM120 per pig!

SL - the best ever roasted suckling pig

The last dish that came was a beancurd with angled loofa. By then we were already rather filled. However, the beancurds slowly disappeared from the plate as well. The beancurd they've used is homemade of the eggy kind which is very fragrant. They were braised with angled loofa until the angled loofa soften till you can slurp them up from your spoon.

SL - beancurd with angled loofa

Did not order any dessert as I've brought along these cupcakes to served as Birthday cake for my dad and aunt. It's their first time having so many cakes per se as their cake hahaha cos usually it's one whole cake. Even the wait staff can't help but to stand around to admire them. It's Strawberry White Chocolate Cupcakes, recipe will be posted later.

Strawberry White Chocolate Cupcakes - Dad & Koo Mah birthday

All the above dishes, plus nuts, tea and rice (not sure how many bowls) inclusive of taxes costed us RM475.20. Reasonable or not for two tables of 7?

Restaurant Sin Lok
3rd Floor Ampang Park
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-21614664


Jun said...

oh u made those cupcakes? i like the sugared longevity peaches *hehe* (and i love ur new template!)

Babe_KL said...

wah you're fast jun. yes i made those cupcakes. thanks for the compliments!

TriStupe said...

I've lost count how many wedding dinners i've attended since i know what a wedding dinner is at this restuarant. It was formerly partly owned by my mum's uncle. Staff price la, that is why all the weddings on my maternal family side are there...and you are talking about 3 nucleas family living next to each other (each with 10 siblings!)

Kenny Mah said...

Those are sure some cute birthday cupcakes... and the longevity peaches are a nice touch! ;)

Min said...

Hi..the prawn looks yummy, i wish it's a halal restaurant. Anyway , the cupcakes are cute ! Thanks for visiting my blog.

twosuperheroes said...

wah babe...the taufoo looks so delicious woh. Very banjir! Hahah..oh, and your cupcakes are absolutely lovely.. Nicely decorated some more. :p

Jess said...

it's considered very cheap for 2 tables....must try

Ms One Boobie said...

Very reasonable..! i love it..!

Unknown said...

oh yes.. i can definitely vouch for the fantastic food they serve there, plus the price is reasonable.

wah.. i love those little longevity peaches lah.. soooo cute..must teach me how to make

Dc said...

i can vouch for the deliciousness of babe's cupcakes, she made me some on the reception night buffet b4 the wedding day, DELICIOUS!!:)

daphne said...

ooo.. those cupcake looks delish. Hey, u mean the yam ring is old schooled? That's still my must order... oh dear, i must be outdated.

Precious Pea said...

Those dishes....all my favourites!! The cupcakes especially the ones with the plum so cook. Wat are they made of?

choi yen said...

I went for this restaurant many years ago for a wedding reception of my cousin, his daughter now already 11 yrs old....

ling239 said...

wow... this place still exists!!
i tot it was long gone... :P

very pretty cupcakes
cant wait for the recipe... ^_^

UnkaLeong said...

wah must go try Sin Lok. Have not been there in yonks. I can see the neon lighs of the restaurant above the Maybank sign from where I am sitting right now:)

J2Kfm said...

wow, ALL, yes I mean ALL of the dishes are me and my family favourites that we'll order most of the times! except suckling pig of course. can imagine the smooth taufu taste, fermented beancurd yau mak aroma, and 'fatt putt' aka yam ring. so long never visit Ampang Park liao.

Big Boys Oven said...

this is so cool! this restaraunt is a nice place to be. was there before for a dinner with friends! those dishes looks awesome and so were thos cupcakes!

marilyndeasy said...

Hi babe...the price is reasonable..the pictures make me lapar! hehe...
oo u like cupcakes?
maybe u can try to see this blog..
her cupcakes are cute too..n u can order it for mother's day, bday n etc..

Unknown said...

uve got talent! such lovely cupcakes..

Babe_KL said...

stupe, the food is still great eh?

yes jess & mamabok, very reasonable indeed

daphne, old school means it was available since aeons ago? :p

pea, you mean peaches? those are made of fondant

perhaps its time for a visit mimi?

unka, so near only, a must go la definitely!

j2kfm, so what are you waiting for? hahaha

kenny, yasmin, twosuperheroes, yozora, dcky, ling239, BBO, marilyndeasy & kampungboicitygal :thanks for your compliments

Simon Seow said...

Nice piggy. Long time never eat Futt Put (Yam ring).

Anyone want to organize food trip here? I don't have that many family members.

chelvanayagam said...

Hi there,

Would any of you guys know where Sin Lok has moved or are they still in Business? . My grandfather loved this restaurant and i've been there since a child, now its no more at Ampang Park. I'm craving for their Shark's Fin Soup which has been our family favorite for years now. Does anyone have any info on Sin Lok now?

Thanks so much.

Babe_KL said...

Suresh, I'm sorry to break your heart, Sin Lok is no longer in operation as the next generation wasn't keen on taking over.