Monday, 28 April 2008

Review: Beef Noodles at Lai Fong Restaurant


I made a pit stop at Lai Fong for a late breakfast after visiting the clinic few weeks back for my cough. My standard order whenever I'm here would be the beef noodles. I simply love the clear broth that tasted so flavoursome with the addition of harm choy (pickled mustard cabbage) and chopped corriander. I usually drink them all up without having any qualms since it's not thirst inducing, an indication of no or very little MSG is used.

Lai Fong Beef Noodles

My usual order would be the soup based thick rice noodles (lai fun in Cantonese) with sliced meat and meat ball. The meat is sliced thinly and coated with marinade and some corn flour for a smooth and slippery finish. The meat balls are bouncy on the bite. Suffice to say I ate and drank everything up leaving an almost empty bowl! However, the only shortcoming is the chilli sauce. Somehow this type of blended chillies with calamansi lime doesn't seems to jive with the usual chilli sauce for beef noodles.

Lai Fong Beef Noodles Chili Sauce

I've also tried a couple of times the long time stall that is now residing in Chinatown Food Court. Once was with Miss Sweet 16 where I had the dry version. I don't like the sauce used for the dry version. It's not helping when they do not serve fresh noodles. The soup was just ok with the usual meat and meat balls. Another time, I tried the soup version. Somehow it's just not as flavourful as Lai Fong or Soong Kee or Shin Kee. Moreover, I felt extremely thirsty after eating that bowl of noodles.

Chinatown Food Court Dry Beef Noodle Chinatown Food Court Beef and Meatball soup

Chinatown Food Court Beef Noodle Soup

With that I think I've concluded posting up most of the beef noodles stalls/shops around Chinatown. Did I missed out any??

Lai Foong Restaurant
138, Jalan Tun HS Lee
Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 603 - 2072 8123

Chinatown Food Court
Jalan Hang Lekir
(behind Hong Leong Bank)

Both stalls opens from morning till lunch time

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  1. hmm... this looks good for a sorethroat which i think i mite be coming down with :<

  2. this is one of the best beef noodle in town! any one better than this?

  3. wah.. this is one of the best lah.. used to have it at least once a week when i was working at Hong Leong, the building opp Lai Foong..those were the great food days lah

  4. oo.. this beef noodles is very "Cheng".. most noodles i know, the sauce looks thick.

  5. cheng but is the best, the restaurant is small but always filled to the brim during lunch hours

  6. awww take care jun

    BBO, try Soong Kee but their soup don't have harm choy one. i oso like the other stall at pudu, near pudu plaza

    yozora, perhaps we can visit sometime

    twosuperheroes, depends on the stall, some like SOong Kee, their mince meat sauce is made of pork

    daphne, this is the cheng tong style unlike Spore ones

    dcyk, ooo u ate there b4???

  7. Soong Kee was my late grandfather's favourite beef noodles. It was his pit stop whenever he came down from Ipoh. I prefer the one at a coffee shop near OUG markets. I am bad with names but I'm sure most people are familiar with it. Damnnnnn syiok!!!

  8. I still prefer the one opposite lai foong, the one half shop one. :)


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