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Copyright - who cares? The Star doesn't!!!

Updated on 17 April 2008 10:54 AM

I thank Mr Jeswant Singh, the Editor (Multimedia) from The Star, for his swift reply and sincere apology over this matter. He has made a formal request to use the picture, which I've conditionally agreed. I am satisfied that they have taken the appropriate action and appreciate their candour in dealing with this matter in such a quick manner.

Updated at 16:18 PM

(Click on the pictures for a bigger and clearer image.)

At 14:39 pm I captured this when the video is still on Page 5...

ScreenHunter_03 Apr. 16 14.39

And at 15:13 pm pablopabla left a comment stating that the video has been removed and I've captured this screen at 15:35 pm...

ScreenHunter_04 Apr. 16 15.35

Earlier, I merely posted asking for advice but now after they've removed the video, I'm annoyed. Since they're aware of their mistake, up till now I have not hear from anyone from The Star.

Being the mainstream media of Malaysian, I'm outraged how The Star could plagiarize my work without giving credit to me!

This is in spite of the fact that the source where the picture was taken has explicitly made known that all works which is to be used requires the party to give credit to the authors. Moreover, they are not allowed to use my work for commercial purposes. (See the first picture above, they're selling links on their site!).

This is utter breach of ethics in journalism by a mainstream media like The Star when the Govt is encouraging CSR practices and the industry players are moving towards CSR. Unfortunately, The Star choses to polarised themselves! This is a clear action where it is totally divorced from the words!


What would you do when this happened???

This is my photo on my Flickr album...

masala teh tarik

The same photo appeared in the 11.21 mins of the video Snacks for the Sikh New Year in

ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 16 11.14

Check the credits...

ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 16 11.34

I've applied Creative Commons Attribute-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic for my photo.


  1. wah.. this is teruk.. are our photos not our proprietary?? i see they have conveniently chopped off your signature off the photo. the least they can do is give you the credit for the shot...shame shame...

  2. this is NOT right! totally unacceptable and it's a newspaper agency that did this too! unbelievable. Find out a way to let them know you know of their wrongdoing.

  3. i believe you can write to them, possibly via a lawyer friend, and request for rm250 nominal payment.

  4. WTH!
    The media doesn't seem to respect us (the owner of the picture) nowadays... totally unacceptable.

  5. f them 9 9, write to them say they took ur pic and cropped it

  6. Sue them! They have taken my whole post plus photo but gave me a credit. However, it is worthless as they drive no traffic to me. In fact, they took food bloggers' post and feature them like we crave for it. It is disgusting. At the very least, their journalist could drop us a mail or comment that they are featuring us, right?

  7. The video has been removed. Anybody know how to retrieve it from cache or something? If somebody can do so, then we will all join in to ketuk the Star till they give formal apology.

  8. yozora & cc, disappointed with the star or not??

    rational thinker * dcyk, my lawyer ask me to send letter of demand!!! lol

    jason, they big bully eh?

    lilian, i did kick a little fuss when they first started featuring food reviews by food bloggers. i was the first blogger whom got featured.

    their staff read my comment and fed back to the journalist and she emailed me. told me dun tell her boss hehe. anyway i told her before you lift other ppl's post, pls inform them first even though you do put up the link which she did subsequently. not sure she still practice dat or not.

    pablo, i din managed to download the video BUT i screen captured those "evidence". still valid isnt it? you want to help me write letter of demand? hahahaha

  9. The journalist replied you saying don't tell her boss? (I assume the 'hehe' part was yours.)

    How unethical! Must get at least the CAMERA Juliana Fauzi to give credit to you!

  10. Wtf! Does this means we can copy a whole article from The Star, post it in our blog and not give them any credit.

  11. normally the star would pay for the pictures they use... i know cos i used to write in for r.age and sometimes i submit pictures for friend's article too. last time la. and they normally will credit some $$$ to me.

    write a formal letter to the newspaper. don't care abt the journalist la. who ask him/her to be so careless? i still think you should be paid. get a lawyer to help you if things get too serious. :p

  12. dou want us to write up and then see their response ?? let the bloggers show them what RESPECT means ?

  13. Babe,

    Sorry to read that you pic got stolen by The Star, but nice pic, I must say. Credit to you.

    If you need help to spread this news within the blogosphere, try dropping a mail to Haris Ibrahim or Nuraina Samad. I'm sure they would be keen to post a link on their blogs.

  14. oh babe!! That's so NOT FAIR! that's stealing man!!!! We hv to work together to stop that from happening!!

  15. i'm wondering.. i sometimes see the star lifts articles from bloggers and publish it in the newspapers. granted they acknowledge and give the url for the food review.

    I was wondering are the bloggers paid for the review? it seems that the so called journalist work seem to be getting easier.... instead of reviewing a restaurant, they just depend on bloggers..

  16. Wah, like that also can! Glad that the appropriate action has been taken. But I still think they should at least pay you a little $$ for using the photo.

  17. Glad everything's ok now, babe. The Star should not have been this reckless in the first place. Thankfully they eventually apologized over the matter.

  18. cy, dat was a past episode ler

    i doubt you could simon, try it :p

    silveraven, it's different if you're commission to write for them hence they credit you with some money for the use of your pic. mine is entirely a different issue. well am glad everything came to an end.

    mike, am sure they will after this episode

    thanks oldstock

    daphne, they have heard us ;-)

    eksk, i was the first blogger they lifted for their sunday star column and NO we do not get anything from them other than the links they credited

    belacan, dun care la but at least now settle already. money is not important but more like respect to our IPs are more important

    phew glad its all over now twosuperheroes

  19. Babe Jie - that day they f-up a lot la, it's the same day they put DSAI as our PM on their online front page. :)

  20. wow, was shocked when i read yr post. glad its all settled now.

    the other time, i also had a tourism company using the banner my co did for our website. i contacted them, and they apologised. however, the media company behind it (who i think were outsourced) was quite rude.

    i left it as long as they took it down eventually. altho i thought they shld have worked together rather than being a competitor.

  21. FUCKERS!
    And they said if you are a blogger you are either a monkey. useless or you can't write/do anythign PROFESSIONALLY.

    Tell me who is the professional Monyet now?


    I agree with Lilian sue their fucking ass off!


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