Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Review: Kawan Mini Rice Dumplings

I bought these bags of mini rice dumplings at BCAF07 at a stall owned by Kawan Food, the frozen food producer. I'm not sure of the actual price as I've paid RM10 for any 3 bags of vegetarian goodies offered for charity.

These are Alkaline Glutinous Rice Dumpling (kee chang/karn shui). One bag is of plain variety and another bag is with red beans filling. Inside each bag contained 20 mini rice dumplings, mini as in maybe 3 mouthful.

Kawan frozen dumplings Kawan frozen red bean dumplings

These are how the rice dumplings looked like in their frozen state. They're wrapped with the usual bamboo leaves with thin cotton strings wounded around them.

Kawan frozen dumplings before steaming

And these are the steamed rice dumplings. The plain one is usually eaten with kaya, sugar or gula melaka syrup. I have to say these mini rice dumplings are rather cute, a perfect size to control the amount of glutinuous rice one can ingest. Texture wise, they're rather bouncy. Taste wise, it's just like those we buy from markets or even homemade ones. Of course can't fight with those homemade ones where the rice is painstakingly separated from the glutinuous rice (which I had done before... for the sake of getting a bouncy and translucent like texture).

Kawan steamed frozen dumplings

Looks like Kawan Food have lived up to expectation. So far they have yet to disappoint. Check the rest of my reviews on Kawan's Veaty Bites, Chapati, Dhall and Vegetable Curry.

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  1. I like their frozen roti canai. For a really lazy dinner, I will open a packet ready-to-eat curry like Brahims (I particularly like Ashoka's Matar Paneer) and just heat up a roti.

    babe, want to ask you about the mango royale. The cream you use, is it the one that is located in the chiller section near the butter and cheeses? Or is it the canned Nestle cream? What is the consistency of the cream when you open the carton? Like thick santan?

  2. wow..nowadays the frozen food technology really "canggih"... i love thier roti canai too!

  3. kat, yeah i've used those cream from the chiller. i've used the can one too but for some other recipes which worked as well. the consistency is like very thick milk, slightly thinner than thick santan.

    yalor jackson, i'm amazed with the local stuff that can be found in the frozen section these days.

  4. Wow, I never know kee chang is available in frozen form. Fantastic. Will look out for it when I buy my groceries ;)


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