Monday, 11 June 2007

Little Red Dragonfruit Tea Cake

red dragonfruit teacake01

Babe_KL is on a sugar high roll!!! Made this with the same recipe as the Plum Tea Cake. Smashed some red dragonfruit and mixed into the batter and they came out tinged in a pinkish hue which looked absolutely sweet. Fabulous for Barbie themed girlie parties!

red dragonfruit teacake02

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  1. My wife likes adding dragonfruit to jellies. Nice colour and design ;)

  2. Yeah, I also add them to jellies but I find them kinda tasteless though. the teacakes look so sweet, seen some in the chinese cookbooks also.

  3. pablopabla, yeah it does give intense colouring

    me too boo_licious! the red dragonfruit only gives beautiful colour.

  4. Wow, this is even lovelier and cuter looking than the dragonfruit cheesecake!

  5. arhhh..lovely..i mum made dragon fruit konyaku jellies too..

  6. wow babe, this one looks really tempting... pinkish, i like it! sad case, i haven't try to bake it yet since you gave me da recipe :(

  7. When are you hosting cake tasting session?

  8. babe jie - on dragon fruit high is it? after my unfortunate encounter with this fruits last year in that tv show...dragon fruit brings a brand new meaning to me.


  9. wmw, these tasted better and healthier too

    KampungBoyCityGal, hmm it seems like its very popular jelly item.

    meiyen, take you time and create different versions with one batch of batter :p

    pea, errr can be arranged but my skill not very consistent :p haha

    LOL stupe :p i remember dat!


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