Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Happy Duan Wu Jie

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Today is Duan Wu Jie or rather most foodie will make it known as Rice Dumpling Festival. Duan Wu Jie falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. I'm not elaborating how this festival come about since there are many articles and blogs mentioned about this. More info here and here.

To those who are celebrating this festival, Happy Duan Wu Jie to you and your family.

I managed to dig out these pics to show what's inside this unique Hakka Rice Dumpling. My brother's future MIL made these super delicious rice dumplings. These are sooo sooo unique that I doubt many of you have eaten these :p

Hakka Rice Dumpling

These glutinous rice contained coconut milk, yes coconut milk, and red beans are part of the fillings instead of the normal mung beans or black eyed beans. Apart from red beans that were scattered all over the rice rather than concentrated in one little corner, it has the usual pork meat, salted eggs, dried shrimps, mushroom and my fave chestnut. I really liked this a lot cos the coconut milk impart a fragrant note to the whole concoction. A whole new taste to me and I'm hooked!

Hakka Rice Dumpling fillings

I still remember banging my head on the wall literally when I found out the rice dumplings given to me the first time a couple of years ago turned rancid the very next day. It was then I found out that they were made with coconut milk and we did not placed them in the fridge. I had to listen to my family members singing praises about them. So upset! My brother's girlfriend told her mom about this and she actually made an effort to make another batch, just for me but it was few months down the road though since she stays in Johor. Wahh I was so touched! The rice dumpling depicted here is from last year's batch, wayyy after the festival, excuse me for the poor photo quality, I was in a hurry to attack it.

*Ahem* I was told to collect my share today from my mom muahahaha... I'm a very happy child today indeed!

Happy eating but try not to over eat!

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  1. happy duan wu jie babe jie!

    aiya, this time gotta watch ppl eat only..dumplings always give problem with digestion for me and i just got well from a chain of illness.

    mmm...next on chinese calendar is mid autumn festival liau...

  2. Oh bak chang, I want I want...but I don't get to eat...my aunt makes killer bak chang, pork, half sweet half salty, the one which is plain (kee chang with dark syrup), and more. I miss home. :(

  3. One of my Makan Club members brought some homemade bak chang...sooooo nice!!!! Lurve them changs. Your pictures are making me drool.

  4. happy "duan wu jie" to you and your family too! :D you are so lucky get to savour this yummy home-made rice dumpling!!!!! i've yet to try one this year.. probably tonight when i am back at home after work :)

  5. Ohh happy chung happy chung! Lemak in the rice? Hows the process of making them?

  6. yum yum!..dont eat too much..not good for digestion..but still whats life if we dun indulge

  7. my mum made some sweet version, to eat by dipping into sugar. :)

    the one that i ahve looks very oily, so did not post pic of how the thingy looked inside.

    mum knows i don't like dried shrimp, so she omitted it all out!

  8. Bro's future MIL? With such goodies, why wait. Seal d deal now!
    Lol. U r so right. Don't think I've even heard of adding this ingredient before - coconut milk.

  9. poor ac but lucky can getthis whole year round these days

    bee yinn, next time you come back, i'll buy some for you! just tell me in advance :p

    lemongrass, its nice but make sure dun eat too many *burp*

    thanks meiyen, same to your family too! you know wat, i only ate my first bak chang of the year yday :p

    teckiee, i'm not very sure but they add the coconut milk to the rice. see if i can ask more today or not.

    joe, eat in moderation as always ;-)

    such a nice mom stupe, if mine she will ask us to remove those we dun like ourselves hehehe

    tummythoz, future MIL oredi hinted leh but i think shld be next year gua. i suggested to them 08-08-08 :p

  10. I miss those Nyonya zhang...here only got Taiwanese zhang :(
    I'm more into savory dumplings than sweet kinds. Happy Dumpling Festival:)

  11. whoa..even as a hakka myself ive never seen that..the most extraordinary bak chang that ive ever tried would be the blue coloured nyonya bak zhang

  12. tigerfish, i like all sorts of zhang err dat's spell glutton huh? :p hehehe

    kampungboycitygal, i saw the special 1 hour show on AEC last Sun. Ah Xian was introducing the few shops selling them. there were so many types of "innovative" bak chang. dat was really an eye opener

  13. hahaha i'm lucky to have a 1/2 nyonya for my wife, her mom and grandma makes superb nyonya chang, YUMMY!!, gotta hint her to learn it up bwahahaha.

    it's always better to eat those self made than buying those outside :)

  14. issit a must to use pork? any other substitutes?

  15. deric, u think she will or not? :p

    yt, can sub with chicken i supposed but it wont have enough fat to sort of soften the rice

  16. First time hearing people put coconut milk to make bak chang. Can imagine how good it is. Aiyooo....your brother so lucky!!!

  17. yea pea, he's such a lucky fart! anyway, the bak chang is really different i would say.


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