Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Plum Tea Cake

I bought some huge, sweet but slightly tangy and juicy plums at Imbi Market and shortly after that hubby developed a bad cough so I had to eat them all by myself. Errr on top of plums, I also gotten some mangoes AND pears!!!! How to finish all these by myself???

Nevermind... so I was busy flipping thru Donna Hay's Modern Classic Book 2 trying to see if there's anything I can transform some of these fruits into something else. For the plums, I was staring hard at the Little Apricot Tea Cakes recipe. Looks like the apricots can be sub with my plums.

Next, I busied myself and out came these...

Plum Teacake05,

Won't call them "little" since I've used muffin cup instead. I've also made some in the usual cupcake papercups. Loved the texture and buttery flavour of the cake. The slight tang of the plum even out the sweetish cake. Absolutely loved this recipe. Since then I've made some variations but will post them up later. Email me if you wish to have the recipe.

Plum Teacake02 Plum Teacake01

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  1. Wow, that looks so professional. I think I better go buy some nicer looking paper cases. heh heh.

  2. Love plum cakes but sadly my other half hates plums so I seldom bake it. I once made a plum torte - he removed all the plums and just ate the cake part.

  3. hehe... next time if i bought plums and other leftover fruits... can u help? LOL

  4. paprika, yours not nice meh? ok ma as long as it taste good hahah

    adui boo_licious

    jackson, for you, no problem but do you know how far you need to deliver those fruits to?? :p

  5. wow... interesting! looks so tempting... and my saliva is dripping :D can i have da recipe?

  6. Extra plum or any other fruits cake? Firstly contact number. Address? Convenient time? Don't worry. Amount is not a prob. =P

  7. gosh, this looks gorgeous! i want a bite of that! *drools*

  8. meiyen, check your mailbox later ok

    tummythoz, plum worked. other fruits errr coming right up with the post hehe... weekends the best hehehe and you got my email right? :p

    sc, wipe off that drool of yours! hehe

  9. aiyoh..im drooling once again..got to buy a bib..do they supply adult sizes 1 ar..if onli i ever had the talent in the kitchen..haha i b baking cakes n making a living instead of seating in the office

  10. V could swear one of your
    get-me-now little cakes were actually cheekily smiling at us. So V are now coming over to get them no no not recipes plse
    ... T H E M !

  11. dad used to force me to eat plums when I were young, so I grew up hating it! In a cupcake, it looks gorgeous. I wouldn't mind it if you offered me one. :-D

  12. joe, where to find bib so big, you make do by tieing a big plastic bag around your neck! otherwise i can ask for one from Coliseum :p

    you poor thing, lemongrass. ok one day i will make some for you BUT in different variations and not plum!

  13. Hi, Can i have the recipe for dragon fruit tea cake ?
    email : simonneho@yahoo.com



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