Thursday, 28 June 2007

Braised Yee Meen (Pre-fried Noodles)

Similar to the Braised Deep Fried Mee Sua, I've made another version using Yee Meen (伊麺, pre-fried noodles - Chinese characters copied from this wikipedia entry haha). This round, it's simpler, just minced meat and cabbage as part of the ingredients.

Best served with some sambal belacan. *grinning at Lanatir*

Braised Yee Meen

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  1. hows the texture of the yee mee in this dish? my dad dun like yee mee at all ... still trying to look for a recipe for yee mee that my dad will like

  2. teckiee, you can control the texture of the yee meen by the cooking time


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