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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 4 June 2007

Huh, No Cream??? I Want My Cream!!!

You know your day is BAD when...

... after one bite of a double cream roll turned out to be plain... kosong... moe liew... onnum illai...

huh no cream

... the hardisk got attacked by a virus and keep on rebooting!

The first 6 hours were spent on dismantling the hardisk and went round looking for PC with SATA hardisk (rare species in the office here) plus cables in order to scan and disinfect the blardy thing! It doesn't help when the other PC is a few floors up. Fixed back the hardisk after that but that darn thing still rebooting itself. Reinstalled the OS but still rebooting! Bugger... I gave up after that! I suspected some of my drivers were corrupted.

This morning, I reformatted my hardisk and spent the next 6 hours reinstalling OS and stuff plus gosh so many updates! DUH!!! Thank goodness it only affected one of my partition, my other files were intact and so were all my yummilious photos haha!

Sighhhh... no mood to do anything now . *Sobs* gotta re-subcribed all my feeds... and I have yet to check my office emails which reminds me to better do so now.

Till my pace is back to normal... hang on there.


ac said...


**pass babe jie some pomelo leaves**

so sorri to hear about your pc...hope everything gets restored asap.

Babe_KL said...

*take leaves and stuff inside bag*

thanks ac, ehhh if I only have shower instead of a tub, do I just hang the leaves at shower head??? LOL!!!!

Beans said...

so kesian... good luck nursing your pc back to health =)

Keropok said...

Damn! I surely can identify with that bun kosong incident. Nothing like biting into something you think is there but isn't (present topic excluded) ;)

Will said...

kesian... kena bullied by the bun and PC :P

i guess that's what you call manufacturing defect

boo_licious said...

Sorry to hear abt the pc and the bun! Am shocked as it's the first time I've came across it. Guess today is just a bad day and yes, pomelo leaves are a good idea to get rid of the bad luck.

wmw said...

Just recovered from my external hard disk dying on me....lots of pictures gone. Forgetting it in goes on! "Hugs"

tigerfish said...

Oh I hate hate hate it when that happens! Hope your PC recovers fast.

And that kosong breadroll, am I supposed to put in 2 scoops of cream (DIY) and eat it? OMG! Did that happen on the same day your PC took a strike on you?

MeiyeN said...

O_o poor thing and that bun.... how could that happened?! O_o

teckiee said...

Babe...I feel your pain. For the missing cream.. and for the PC. Technology will fail when you need it the most...

Babe_KL said...

thanks bee nee. it's working fine now.

keropok, hahaha that's the worst feeling of all huh?

will, yalor and actually its my 2nd time kena bun kosong. the first time the bun was for my boiboi but lucky that time was at home. can sapu peanut butter for him!

boo_licious, if they can skip a bun in a hundred, can save some sens in product cost i guess haha

*hugs wmw back* ouch that's very painful huh. lucky mine was contained in one of the partition.

tigerfish, the problem was i was in the office. so have to gulp down the bun.

meiyen, weird huh?

teckiee, that's why must hv backup in everything!

Pink Elle said...

Yikes! First time I've seen an empty High 5 bun! You should contact them and send your blog post! ;) Hope your week gets better :)

Babe_KL said...

pink elle, for this time I guess I'll just let it be but let's hope there won't be another time. otherwise, they gonna get an earful from me haha