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Review: Indulgence Restaurant and Jazz Room, Ipoh

Oh dear, I shouldn't be posting this now cos it will make Jason, Ipoh Mali, homesick. Poor boy :p hehehe...

One Saturday, hubby's karzheng (read in Hokkien :p) got itchy and decided to take a slow drive to Ipoh. Gave his brother a call and off we went. We reached there around 1.00 p.m. and we were told to wait for him at Jusco whilst he ran his errands. I had to take my boiboi inside since he need to answer nature's call. My oh my... soo soo crowded! Seriously, it's like the whole of Ipoh's folks were there and it's so HOT and stuffy inside.

Anyway, my BIL called and we followed him around a bit to finish up his errands. Once done, he took us pusing pusing (going) around and we reached this huge white washed bungalow... oh my... I told hubby that his brother is taking us to Indulgence! As usual lah my blur hubby gave me a blank look. So I told him a bit about this place and tiramisu is a must order according to a friend of mine. As I was standing at the driveway, geee... this place reminded me of Bon Ton/TopHat in Kuala Lumpur.


Took a seat and his brother told us his wife and kids won't join us cos the younger one was preparing for his exam. So we glanced at the menu and placed our order. Hubby ordered a pasta and since I wasn't hungry I opted for a salad. Didn't order anything for my boiboi since he had some food earlier. A bread basket was served. The bread was good but too bad it was served with butter. Could have been better if they've served them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Indulgence - bread basket

I took a bit of time to observe the surroundings... the main dining hall is bright and cheery but I find the tables lining the 2 walls are very close to each other. I could practically hear every single bit of conversation the next table was having.

It took quite a while for our dishes to arrive. How slow... and they're not even full house. All in all they have like errrmm less than 10 patrons in there and a few of them were already in the midst of eating. Can't imagine what would it be like if they're running on a full house.

Anyway, hubby's pasta dish came. I'm not very sure what it is but its a hand made saffron spaghetti with seafood. Apart from cherry tomatoes, we were arguing what were the rest of the purplish berries until we took a bite of them. Hehehe they were grapes! I had a few strands of the spaghetti which is a wee too thick to me and the texture is totally different from spaghetti. This is more like hand made noodles used for pan meen. Well at least it came in saffron tinge.

Indulgence - pasta

Next, my salad came. The smoked duck salad actually had a catchy name but alas I can't recall. Sorry horr me old already... have major memory issue! Anyway, I really liked my salad. It came with loads of greens (has rocket leaves too!); mangoes and oranges; and smoked duck with a tangy dressing. The whole shebang of saltish duck slices, fruit slices and greens blended very well with the dressing. Topping the salad is a huge nest of deep fried katafi liked strands which I don't really fancy. The smoked duck could be one of their specialty cos I saw vacuumed packs of them in their fridge display together with their cakes! Yeah, with the cakes hehehe...

Indulgence - smoked duck salad Indulgence - smoked duck salad with topping moved aside

I was so full and did not order any cakes nor desserts. Hubby got a tiramisu, BIL got a piece of chocolate cake and I asked for one scoop of ice-cream for boiboi. Sorry no pics of these cakes cos we were busy chatting and my BIL was giving us a low down about Indulgence and the sitaopor (lady boss) hehe... apparently upstairs, they've converted the place as a boutique hotel.

Back to the cake, I had a few bites of the tiramisu but it didn't rock me! Seriously, the fabulous Baker did a better job! In fact sooo much better! Even my hubby commented the same. The Baker does take order, check his repertoire here.

Funnily they sent 3 scoops of ice-cream for boiboi but thank goodness he's not the greedy type and will stop when he had enough. So in the end the mummy have to ingest the remainder up blehhh...! Mummies usually have the same job as Alam Flora *roll eyes*

There are hits and misses here but I don't mind coming here again to check out the rest of the items in the menu. Sorry no prices since BIL footed the bill and for the lousy pics as we sat in a dim corner.

Indulgence Restaurant and Jazz Room
14 Jalan Raja Di Hilir
30350 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-2557051
Fax: 05-2426297

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  1. U were lucky to be here for this is the home ground of those royal (gluttons )household opposite.
    But unlucky to be at the dim corner(...only with yr dear hubby sorry shud have beeb te....b...oh never mind.. ) and then never try de others. V await your final instalment ( ...with hopefully )ok

  2. team BSG, so i heard the Sultan dines here as well huh?

  3. Salad looks really cool and funky and with the oranges and mangoes, must be tangy too! Will definitely do a road-trip up to Ipoh one day... And bug Ipoh Mali Jason for recs! :D

  4. ya becoz the lady boss is very very pretty

  5. hmm, second time this week someone spoke abt indulgence. Seems that people are not 100% impressed with it either.

  6. But I think I will cover the hawker food first before stepping into this restaurant....Well, we know why team bsg goes to this non backstreet place! ;)

  7. kenny, they do have quite a list of salads in the menu with funky names to boot!

    boo_licious, i've read other blogs as well and so far not many were impressed. like wmw have said, its better to scour the hawkers first!

    hohoho... so wmw, we now know why Team BSG forego their backlane only policy hehehe

  8. haha mah deah, we share the common ailment of ageing, amnesia. i forget the name of the dish the minute the menu leaves my sight, and refer to it purely by contents, ie, the beef, the salad, the pasta, or the duck. i've heard sooo much about this indulgence place, and i hear their chocolate cake is to die for.

    oh, alas, i am a pleb thru and thru. i LURVE my bread with SALTED butter, (i cantttt understand WHYYYYY hotels etc are all serving unsalted!!!! like that teeny weeny extra bit of salt is going to cause a national hypertension epidemic) and even when they serve olive oil and balsamic, mr peasant here raises his hand and asks for BUTTER PLEASE. ;)

  9. oh, and blushing over the kind compliments.... (didnt register at first who you were talking about).

  10. Hmm heard about this restaurant a few times already. Will make it a point to check them out when I go Ipoh. Thanks! ;)

  11. fbb, but i thot u only forget when u r intoxicated? :p hehehe choc cake... i think my BIL ordered dat but i din see him having orgasm also? :D

    this type of bread not nice with butter ler aiyoh hahaha but we love our butter salted too!!! errr we were speaking of the truth only. too bad i won't be seeing you guys at Just Heavenly Pleasures tomorrow :(

  12. daryl, make sure u eat all the hawker food first and make this yr last stop :p

  13. Better not cure the itchy 'loh-yau' (in Canto) since get to try new places!

  14. Babe_KL, how are ya gonna compensate me then?? :P
    From what I heard from my Ipoh loyal mates, the quality of their food have dropped significantly after they moved to this new place. But I like the ambience.

  15. My mum and aunts were addicted to this place at one point until the manager cheesed them off. So now they don't go anymore. Besides, I remember thinking it was very pricey for Ipoh but they justified it by saying the ingredients had to be brought in from KL. Guess it would add to the costs quite a bit. I don't stay in Ipoh long enough to have Western cravings. By the time I am done eating ngah choy kai, chee cheong fun, ipoh hor fun, waht tahn hor fun, hakka mee, kari mee and tau fu fah, who has stomach for pasta and salad?!

  16. ya ya better dun huh tummythoz hehe

    jason, i thot your mates shun expensive places? :p ok lor, i take you go eat nice xiu long bao in Lot 10 :D

    paprika, if not for my BIL i doubt we would go too haha. anyway i heard more stuff about the ex-beauty queen owner which reminds me why Team BSG said she is beauuuttiiifulll!!!

  17. Most of them - yeah! :P
    But I tried them 4 times. Twice before they relocate and twice after relocation. The first twice visits were good. That's long before I start blogging.

  18. i am ipohian ... i have been to indulgence restaurant since 10years ago when it was still a half-shoplot at canning garden.. aunt julie is the best chef ever..
    best recomment: indulgence breakfast and the best ever TIRAMISU!!! yeah!!!


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