Monday, 25 June 2007

Congratulations on the Opening of Just Heavenly Pleasures

Our fellow food bloggers, Allan and Nigel, cum owner of Just Heavenly had just officially opened their retail outlet, Just Heavenly Pleasures at Epicure, Damansara Heights last Saturday. WMW had blogged about the event and many of them have the delicious cakes and desserts posted on their blogs for the past one month or so.

It's so sad that I have yet to give them a visit as (1) It was a bit out of our way and (2) We have an erratic month! Well I do hope we can drop by soon to get our hands on those little pleassures. I've even had Nigel's number saved in my phonebook just in case if I need to "chup" those signature Chocolate Durian Cakes :p

To Allan & Nigel,

May your business be as smooth as
the cream you use,
May your future be as exciting as
your creative offerings, and
May your creations bring us all
Heavenly Pleasure here!


p.s.: I did not coin those words but hubby did! Thanks Love for doing that favour under duress kekeke...


  1. Hey dear, thanks so much and much appreciated. Do drop by. :-) Hope you're well.

  2. Hope you will get to taste JHP's goodies soon! :o)

  3. Allan & Nigel, it has been a pleasure haha even though I hv yet to have been pleasured :p

    awww man yes WMW, I hope so, soon...


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