Thursday, 7 June 2007

Hot Date with Paprika

UPDATED 8 June 2007
Amendments in red below! Thanks to Paprika's update!!!

As mentioned yesterday, I had a lunch date with the hot hot Paprika after learning that she practically breathing in the same air as I do everyday. After seeing her face now, it does ring a bell that I did said hi to her at Sandias albeit it was a short hi and bye thingy. Come to think about it, I've even noticed her face in a few of the yoga classes that I've attended, strangely somehow... we never seems to be able to recognise each other.

Setting aside all these, I got excited when she told me she had gotten a Kitchen Aid mixer. I had one too and guess what??? We both are having the same colour - yellow!!!! Well, except mine is an older and no longer in production model. Talk about coincidence...

Basically Paprika had summed up about the food we had at Aryan. The Palak Paneer (RM14.90) was good but I had tasted better ones elsewhere. The Mushroom Chilly is way way too salty but thank goodness the manager offered to recook. Somehow it took them super long to recook the dish, they ended up packing up for us. To add on to this good customer service (in my book lah), he did not charge us for the mushroom. Just saw Paprika's comment, wahliau, this is totally unethical and unacceptable! We were given the impression that they will recook the mushroom dish and pack them for us BUT they did not do so! And I was wondering why they needed so long to recook them. BOYCOTT!!!!

Paprika indicated it was pretty pricey for this vege meal without the mushroom dish in the bill, so I had a look at the receipt which was with me. Arrrghhhhh... they actually charged RM11.90 for the dhal!!!! All these while I thot it was complimentary, no? Strangely I remember it was complimentary when we ordered the set meal... sighhh whatever happened? Maybe to compensate for the mushrooms??? Next time I wanna go with bigshot Lanatir to get some more freebies ie. garlic chutney and masala tea! Bila Boss???

Hot Date With Paprika

Here's her account of our date.

I've written earlier about the hot off the oven cupcake that she gave me... but did I mentioned about the Heavenly smell??? I did that a few times as in opening the zip and rezip just to have a sniff of the chocolatey smell *blushing and stick out tongue*

The first bite was was uttery delicious... it's so fudgey, sticky with choc bits inside!!! The chocolate taste is absolutely fabulous. I can't believe it's eggless too! Paprika, did you use Valrhona??? I must go get the 500 cupcakes cookbook ASAP!!!

eggless choc cupcake

Very happy now that I've found another lunch partner and someone I knew in the yoga centre. I'm actually a really terrible person, never mingle around in gym/yoga class. Forever just go workout all by myself and then off I went *shame shame*...

Jackson, wanna do lunch one day??? So don't complain nobody to have lunch with in this area hehehe...

(opps did a booboo at the photo labelling, should have been taken with my W800i instead)


  1. always nice to discover new lunch partners :D

  2. totally agree, lanatir & will :p

  3. Cool stuff and glad you two can now lunch together - that cupcake looks so sinful (now digging thru the cookbook for the recipe!). Does this mean, Aryan's food is only good and cheap when Lanatir is around?

  4. OH MY GOD! Are you serious?! RM11.90 for dahl?! Waaaah... Thank goodness I tapow'd. Er, hate to tell you this but the mushrooms were not inside. :-(

  5. Oh and forgot to answer your question. I just used Van Houten cocoa. I also love using Van Houten chocolate. Good stuff! Very yit hey though. :-)

  6. paprika, i've updated my post!!!! thanks for letting me know. i'm gonna boycott them already.

  7. boo_licious, you must try that cupcake recipe! lanatir is a regular but i'm boycotting Aryan!


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