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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Review: Keong Kei Poh Ban (Double-boiled Soup)

**Non-Halal Posting**

My parents have been raving about a poh ban (double-boiled soup) place opposite Shaw Parade in Changkat Thambi Dollah for a while ever since their neighbour brought them there for a few occassions. For the amount of time we have our dinner around this area, we have no clue about this place. So I got the detailed location from Daddy and decided that we must set foot here, well at least for once.

Hubby and I, went on a recent Monday and circled the area 3 times but can't find any parking. We gave up and went to YHK instead since our tummies were rumbling. The following Monday, got sms from hubby asking me to think where to have dinner *roll eyes*. When I hopped into the car, he looked at me seeking for my reply. I looked back and we BOTH instantly understood each other. Errr does any of you out there have this phenomenon where you can read each other mind without even opening your mouths??? We do and it always creep me off!

So we set off using Jalan Sultan Ismail but hubby did a booboo by turning right at the 3rd right lane which is supposedly going straight to SMART tunnel. The next thing we saw were policemen flagging him in... hohoho... there's a double line there but since it's pretty new, not many were aware. Hence, these scums men were there to booby trap motorists. All I have to say is, it was an expensive dinner :p So be careful if you're not familiar with Kuala Lumpur's roads!

Once done with the men, we took a left turn at the road between Club De Vegas and Times Square. Went down the road and saw this stall under a big tree. This stall named Keong Kee is situated at the junction of Changkat Thambi Dollah and Jalan 1/77B. The best landmark would be Shaw Parade, opposite the main entrance. I doubt you can missed the amount of steamers this stall have! You can park your car at Shaw Parade or there is a parking just next to this stall but the entrances are pretty hidden. So slow down and look out.

Keong Kei Poh Ban

KK - steamers

Once sat down, someone will come and rattle off their menu. Take your choices of double-boiled soups ranging from herbal chicken soups to errr squirrel or even sui yue (turtle???) *wrinkle nose*. Dished like wild boar curry, pork belly with preserved mustard cabbage (mui choy khau yoke), ginger chicken etc...

I've asked for Double-boiled Hair of Ginseng Roots with Chicken (Sum Soe Dan Gai). Ohh my... this place really gives its best, not stingy at all! The soup is full of ginseng flavour and came with a huge chicken thigh. The meat was tender and flavoured with ginseng. Yummy on its own without even need to dip them in soy sauce, well not that I have that habit. Finished till the last drop and check out the amount of "hairs" in there haha...

KK - sum soe dan kai (double boiled hair of ginseng roots with chicken) KK - sum soe

Hubby ordered one Double-boiled Chicken in Coconut (Yeh Tzi Dan Gai) and I took a few sips as usual. Very qing (clear) and can tasted the natural sweetness of the herbs and coconut.

KK - yeh tzi dan kai (double boiled chicken in coconut)

We also have a blanched iceberg lettuce served with a few dollops of oyster sauce and topped with shallots oil.

KK - blanched iceberg lettuce

Since my mom was singing praises of the Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Cabbage (Mui Choy Khau Yoke), we asked for one too. Pretty good I would say but the I got a couple of pieces of lean pork belly, hence they weren't as tender as I would loved them to be. Pssstt can ask for separate extra gravy if you fancy to drizzle them on your plain rice.

KK - mui choy khau yoke

Look at the layers of fats and meats of the pork belly.

KK - khau yoke up close

While we were chowing down, hubby spied other tables with plates of curry looking meat. Upon enquiring, they were Wild Boar Curry. Funny the guy thought we had wanted just the curry gravy... cos he asked a few times whether we want just the gravy or meat together with gravy hahaha... we didn't know they were so generous. Anyway, my waisik (glutton) hubby ordered one portion. I have to say I liked this a lot! The curry flavour masked out the gamey meat and its a bit on the lemak side. Tried so hard to finish this up but alas we have to pack the remainder back haha... GLUTTONS. *roll eyes* If you wish to cook your own, do check out Precious Pea and her hubby's versions of wild boar curry.

KK - wild boar curry

Overall, we are very happy with this find and we will definitely return to try the rest of the dishes and soups. All the above dishes, soups and 2 bowls of rice costed us RM27.00, reasonable huh? The proprietor informed that the soups are available from 4ish in the afternoon till about 10ish at night. Opps forgot to check when is their off day but nevermind since there are so many eateries in that area to opt for if they're closed.

Keong Kei Poh Ban
Changkat Thambi Dollah
Coordinates: 3°8'25"N 101°42'44"E

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PabloPabla said...

Had this before. Pretty good but slightly oily for my liking.

Melting Wok said...

Babe, the soups so rich, and nutritious horr :) I hope its not heaty for the weather ? The wild boar curry do look really good. Have not eaten wild boar meat before, how does that taste compares to regular pig ? :)

Jason said...

Thanks for the review, shall drop by next time for soups.

Rarebeet said...

Mmmmmmm! This looks like what I want to eat next week! Did I read wrong? RM27 for all that?! Hell thats cheap!! After all, that would only get you two miserable ice blendeds at Starbucks!

Babe_KL said...

pablopabla, but its not so oily in my portion though, maybe i went late and they scooped up the oil for early diners hehehe

melting wok, those 2 items we picked are not the heaty types. wild boar meat tasted like lean pork but more bouncy. however, if they're not done properly, they have this gamey smell.

hey, jason & paprika, wanna go there next week?? tues or thurs should be ok for me.

boo_licious said...

Ah, I once sat at this stall but never got the chance to taste his soups and food. Food looks good and cheap. Paprika, Yue Yee Chai is also on the same road but at the shophouses.

tankiasu said...

Wah memang cheap oh! I think this stall used to sell "exotic" food once upon a time, but changed when it was banned.

Btw, is Poh Ban a Cantonese word? You meant to say "Pou Bund" isit?

teckiee said...

Ohh the soup in the coconut is quite good. I didnt try it here but at a shop in Taman Paramount.

Babe_KL said...

boo_licious, you just sat there without eating? not tempting meh?

daryl, me banana dunno how to hanyinpinyin the words :p

teckiee, next time you try this one.

Jason said...

Let me know when! I'll come running :)