Friday, 15 June 2007

Chocolate Brownie

I'm gonna end the week here with another sugar high Friday. Made this version using Donna Hay's recipe from Modern Classics Book 2 which turned out beautifully. It's moist and the chocolate smelt and tasted great. Can't believed I've made a second one right after I chucked my first into the oven! The chocolatey smell that wafted from the oven propelled me to made my second immediately haha... best part, I don't even need to wash up the utensils first since this is not a delicate cake anyway.


Pardon for the lack of real posting especially on makan places cos I don't have much time to compose them in great length. Maybe next week... till then, have a nice weekend.

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  1. Wow, the brownies look really moist and chocolatey... just the way I like them. Now need to persuade some friend with an oven in the kitchen to allow me to invade it for the weekend and try this out...

    ...or I could just buy the store variety but it wouldn't be the same, would it? :(

  2. Still on a wicked streak huh!

  3. look absolutely delicious. No recipe?

  4. Still regret that I didn't buy the book during the book sale... darn

  5. *slurp slurp* any leftover for me? kekeke

  6. Yummy. I love baking anything chocolate coz the whole house smells gorgeous after that. ;-)

  7. could you be kind enough to tell us where/which bookstores to get the latest edition of babekl's latest Cakebook , need it urgently as a present for some aspiring cakees tq

  8. so kenny, did you get to make your brownie??

    LOL tummythoz :p

    sorry iced nyior, no recipe, you can mail me if you want the recipe.

    teckiee, wait for the next sale. all the recipes in there sure jadi one

    jackson, no more leftover, sorry haha

    lemongrass, ya ya... ;-)

    lisa dear, just go get Donna Hay's cookbooks hahaha... most of my cakes recipes are from her Modern Classics Book 2. the recipe won't go wrong one!

  9. V also want the cakebook but better if can have the real one ( OK OK shall got chance one...)

  10. ok ok team BSG, i got the hint hahaha

  11. I regret reading your posts because I am reaaaally hungry now! hahaha... Looks deeply satisfying! :-)

  12. Hi there,

    Would really appreciate it if you could let me know what 'book sale' it is?

    And also, which is better, Modern Classics 1 or 2? :p

    Thank you VERY much!

  13. hi rayhana,

    you mean the so called "my cookbook"?? aiyoh these peeps here pulling my legs only :p

    well i cant tell you which book is better cos they're different. Book 1 have Starters and Main courses as well as desserts. Book 2 is totally on bakings and desserts. you can check them out at the bookstore before purchase. good luck on yr purchase.


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