Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Stir Fried Roast Pork With Garlic

**Non-Halal Post**

I've posted this up aeons ago when Babe in the City - KL was still in its infancy stage. OMG just take a look at that horrible blob of food on the plate!!! LOL... *cringe*

Thanks to Lanatir, today you'll get to see a better picture of the same dish I've made recently...

Stir Fried Siew Yuk with Garlic

Don't they looked so mouth watering? Well who could resist roasted pork (siew yuk)?? Especially when it's stir fried with loads of chopped garlic and caramelised with dark soy sauce and sugar! I can't definitely, not when they are topped with crispy skin.

Craving for some now? Head on to Seng Kee at Chinatown or Mama's Kitchen in TTDI or even Vintry for an up-market version.

Home roasted siew yuk is even better! If you hate the cleaning up like I did, whizz on to Jalan Nyonya for a fix today or Fei Por's place for midnight cravings.

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  1. *Grinning ear-to-ear at tummythoz*

  2. this kind of dark and sinister invitation is dangerous,
    coz V just might demand that u send a plate over ( bet it hasn't happened yet but it will...s o o..)

    just w & c

  3. huh what has it got to do with me lah? no chilli padi also...

  4. my brother in law does a wicked version with left over siu yoke and roast duck. Simply yummy stuff.

  5. This is awesome man! My mom make this a lot when ever we cant finish siew yoke from the market. Sometimes too much meat makes my mom feel guilty.. she adds leak in the dish too.

  6. Yup, my mom does that with the siew yoke from the market...though nowadays hardly. Love those with the crispy crunchy skin! (those from FBB's house were yummy too!) Sorry, babe_kl, at least you have your own siew yoke!

  7. Mmmmm.. my favourite way of clearing off siew yoke! Loads of garlic and sugar! I love eating bits of caramelised garlic with the siew yoke.

  8. my mum use to cook loads of this whenever we have leftover siew yoke..oh how i miss that! shall plead my mum to cook this when i balik kampung this weekend :)

  9. team BSG, sure got chance one day :)

    lanatir, i took yr advice and read up lor hahaha

    hmmmm looks live everyone's mom or somebody have their own version of this dish. best way to polish up left over huh? dear siew yuk... see the long list of fans you have got here!!! :p thanks everyone

  10. super sinful ler..can die ar by the looks of it wahahah...but still..we eat to live or live to eat?

  11. dear nipple joe, errr you should know my answer right to your question? :p lucky you die by looking but i can die by eating up all those fatty layers :D

  12. arrr....this is definitely my favourite!! I like to eat it with just plain rice and lots fo chili padi!!

  13. yes yes and yes !!:) Quick and easy way to re-invent those lovely leftover roast pork into a delicious plate of soy sauce garlic stir-fried roast pork, yums !:) Mom used to do this too..I've forgotten until now :(

  14. jackson, you're another chili padi lover eh?

    gosh it's good to know I've jogged your memory on this dish melting wok.


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