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16 Oct 2012

Friday, 8 June 2007

My Visit to Buddhist Culture and Arts Festival 2007

Last night I had to "fong fei kei" (fly aeroplane in Cantonese, a popular expression to describe last minute cancellation) a dinner I promised to attend for this visit to the Buddhist Culture and Arts Festival 2007. I'm so sorry to the Baker and his guests for doing this the very last minute. I was really disappointed cos the Baker is cooking but then duty calls.

Hubby received a request from his guru to help man their booth on the night before. Look out for him at Kechara Paradise booth (A38 & A39) tonight, tomorrow evening and Sunday (most likely whole day). A small fraction of the items you see here can be found at Kechara Paradise booth and you can ask the staff/volunteers for whatever you want to know about their dharma center plus anything you wished to know about Buddhism. I should be there with my boiboi tonight.

I went a few rounds to check out the happenings. Took quite a number of photos but they didn't turn out great cos I just point and shoot since I wasn't very sure if anyone would mind it. Check them out on my Flickr BCAF07 album with the descriptions.

BCAF mosaic

Uploaded a couple of videos too:

Traditional Giant Lantern

Sand Mandala Creation

Do drop by when you're free. This exhibition is on till this Sunday (10th June). It is held at the Mines convention centre which is located next to Mines Shopping complex. Best to park on the complex on your right as the exhibition is just above it. Otherwise, park on the left which is the shopping mall itself.

For more details click here. The daily events are listed on the main page otherwise, grab a copy of The Star dated 6th June. The listing is there too.

See ya there!

Do something for others

Death is no cause for sorrow, but it would be sorrow if one dies without having done something for oneself and for the world.
~ Ven. Dr. Kirinde. Sri Dhammananda

Part 2: The Last of Buddhist Culture and Arts Festival 2007


k.t.x said... it is nice of u to be a volunteer. good merits! i m into buddhism too!

Babe_KL said...

thanks ktx, did you visit the exhibition?

k.t.x said...

unfortunately no, i didnot la. i'd like to, but i hv too many things to settle over the weekend. u had fun?

Babe_KL said...

k.t.x. check out my latest post on the same event.