Monday, 18 December 2006

Kiddy Menu: Stir Fried Loh Shue Fun

fried lohshuefun

Loh Shue Fun (loosely translated as rat tail noodle in Cantonese is actually a type of rice noodles) is a very versatile noodles. You can use it in soup noodles, stir fry or simply just ladle meat sauce over it. Kids loved them!!!

This is a very simple dish, all you need is blanched loh shue fun; finely shredded cabbage, oyster mushroom, onion and carrot; and minced meat (be it chicken, pork or beef but I've never used beef before) and shrimps marinaded in some soy sauce, fish sauce, pepper and a bit of corn flour.

First, heat oil in wok and put in the onion, fry till translucent before adding in cabbage and carrots. Stir and add in mushroom last. Dish up and set aside.

Pour in oil in the same wok, and add in some chopped garlic. Once fragrant, put in the mince meat and shrimps. Fry till cooked and pour in some oyster sauce and fish sauce to taste. Add in the blanched loh shue fun and the dished up vegetables. Add a bit of water, stir fry till well mixed and until it's fairly dry. Dish up and eat while they're hot.

My boiboi who's not very fond of cabbage, whacked up everything in one go! A great dish to hide light coloured vegetables like cabbage. Try it!

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  1. Hi .. tell you what , i did cooked the noodle last friday le , and i did try the soup also but the cook stuff is a bit diffrent la .. butthe cook way is almost the same.

    try to see my pic

  2. This 'obviously-non-kiddy' like it too.

  3. hey bearyip, looks the same to me. i usually dun like to cook soup cos my boiboi dun like soupy noodles

    tummythoz, yeah i know cos i liked it too when my mom cooks


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