Thursday, 21 December 2006

Corned Beef With Diced Capsicum and Onion

corned beef with dice capsicum n onions

Follow up with my earlier corned beef recipe, I did this with the other half of the can. Fry onions in some oil till translucent before adding in cubed capsicums. Add in corned beef next and sprinkle with loads of black pepper. Dish up and serve while it's hot.

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  1. still no chili padi and udang kering

  2. kenot put chilipadi lah dei... my boiboi how? he baru started a bit of curry puff

    taste good, better than the microwave version cos got "wok kei" pablopabla

  3. A very colorful and appetizing dish! Great with bread and a nice warm bowl of mushroom soup!

  4. tummythoz & simcooks, i did that actually. toasted the bread in sandwich maker!!!

    funny how simple canned food can entice our appetite huh?

  5. yesh darling stupe hahaha, i still got one spare can of libby's. i take pic to show u ok hehehe


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