Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Pressie for Me??

**Rojak language post, will not translate hehe**

Long time no posting about my boiboi hor??? He's 4 years old already and very tall, super chi char, talk non-stop, ask non-stop, jump non-stop, run non-stop... *pulling hair*

See, my boiboi gave me this present. Wahhhh all wrapped up...


So I opened lor... hmmm... what's inside leh??




The story was this... my boiboi apparently brought the cheese box (my dad usually kept stuff like these, ice-cream sticks etc for boiboi to play with) together with the coins to my dad. He asked him to help wrap up the present for mummy... wah very sweet hor my boiboi, no? hahaha

Whilst wrapping, my dad got curious and asked him why give mummy coins?? My boiboi pandai-pandai go reply "So that mummy will take the money to go buy toys for me"


Kek sei or not??? *roll eyes*


  1. RM1.10 for a toy? Hmm guess mommy have to top up d sum big time-lor. Clever boy!

  2. haha no need top up big sum actually, if i really wanna do it, top up 90 sens and go tesco buy those RM1.99 matchbox sized car for him. he loves those cars

  3. So cute wrapping up the present for Mummy! It's a very neat package for a 4 year old...I think mine would look worse - I'm >30 + a girl :P

  4. haha kittycat, its wrapped by my dad lah haha he simply hentam one. he was simply too amused by boiboi

  5. oh babe, he's such a smarty boy!!!!!!! :D


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