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16 Oct 2012

Monday, 4 December 2006

Review: Fishing Village Restaurant

Its getting scarier in Kepong nowadays... so many restaurants and eateries have opened in the new and up coming part of Kepong. They are located either in Metro Prima where Jusco is located or the opposite part where Carrefour is. There are many shoplots at these two places and traffic at times can be a nightmare, well unless you know the back roads haha.

Anyway, my parents have gone to this Fishing Village Restaurant for countless times so naturally one day they asked us to go along for some lip smacking yong tau foo (stuffed beancurd and vegetables). Fishing Village Restaurant can be easily located and parking is a breeze in this part of the shops. Best part is, this shop is air conditioned and it's clean, with the decor slightly better than kopitiam.

My mom had wanted the drunken chicken which she claimed is delicious but they have ran out of it so we opted for drunken prawns instead. I tell you, this dish is absolutely delicious till the last drop of broth were consumed. My mom made a kickass version of drunken chicken for my confinement but this one I tell you, is simply out of this world. The amount of rice wine used is generous but not over powering. Best of all the prawns are rather big and very fresh.

fv - drunken prawns

The yong tau foo here is HUGE!!! A bit pricy at 90 sens a piece but it's certainly worth it cos one piece is so huge that they usually cut it into half to be shared. The foo chuk (beancurd sheet) is deep fried to the crisp and my fave, in fact everyone's fave is the stuffed brinjal! The large brinjal pieces are generously filled with fish paste... ooooh so tasty! OMG I'm craving for some now and I just had some brinjal today for lunch haha!!! Anyway the yong tau foo here is not laden with beanpaste sauce ala Hakka style. The beanpaste sauce and chilli sauce are served separately.

fv - ytf

Certain yong tau foo pieces like bittergourd, white soft beancurd and sui kow (dumplings) were served in a clear broth. The sui kow is mediocre only but the beancurd is really silky and again came in large pieces. I like bittergourd so enough said.

fv - ytf in soup

We also have an order of munn char yuk (Hakka style braised meat with black fungus) which is a thumb-up dish too. This is hubby's favourite dish so he whacked almost the whole dish by himself.

fv - char nyuk

Overall, the food is enjoyable and we're definitely heading back for more.

fv addy

fv - map
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tigerfish said...

All of a sudden, I miss Hakka Yong Tau Foo...

MeiyeN said...

oh yeah, it's always real bad jams @ Kepong and now with da upcomings of shopping malls, banks and eateries.. it's really going worst! never try before drunken prawns.. but it looks good!

D said...

How can more eateries be scary? =P I miss KL food hey, I've only gone down (up?) once this year, must admit that Bangkok is slowly becoming my short-term destination of choice. I like it how you post the picture of their name card. That's a habit of mine on my blog too. Keep up the good stuff. Cheers, D

Rasa Malaysia said...

Hey babe, what a had Drunken Prawns and I cooked up Drunken clams this past weekend...LOL. I will have to cook the drunken prawns soon! ;)

backStreetGluttons said...

Those days on our way back from Serendah Golf Club we will never miss one almost all Ladies Run road side broken stall as u approach the Rawang NS highway toll( now disappeared & painfully missed treasure) which serves divine snake head and keli in claypot... & this Drunken Prawn thing !

Tks 4 letting me know how I can rediscover this intoxicating drunken master and maybe relive our rustic gastronomic memories, again !

boo_licious said...

Looks like I must wade through the traffic jams to explore this area. Thxs for the tip. Why do I suspect I will get lost since this is new territory for me?

Babe_KL said...

tigerfish, go get some today

meiyen, not all the time traffic is bad though. its like drunken chicken but sub with prawns only

D, scary to me cos every where oso makan places... i cant cope trying ALL of them ahahaha

beeyinn, add more ginger strips and rice wine

no problem tonixe! soemtimes we need some jog on our memory :)

boo_licious, dun think you'll get lost in this new area which is nearby the main road.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Yeah, 2 cups will make them really drunken!!