Friday, 22 December 2006

Happy Dong Zhi

**Non-Halal Post**

Today the Chinese are celebrating Dong Zhi (Winter Solstice Festival) which is the most important festival of the year. I've been busy as ever with work and I had cancelled my leave today but thank goodness I do not need to stay back late today. This means I can go back to my parents' home for a homecooked festive meal... YAY!!!!

Last year, I had mentioned some of the dishes that will regularly appeared from my mom's kitchen but this time, AHEM, I've got pictures to show!

Would there be lotus root soup or old cucumber soup?

ty - lotus root soup dz - old cucumber soup

Steamed chicken which I think a must.

dz steam chic

Siu yoke (roasted pork)

dz - siew yoke

Deep fried fish.

ty - fried fish

Hakka Zhar Nyuk (braised pork with sea cucumber and black fungus).

ty - char yoke

Or would there be braised pork ribs with sea cucumber and clams?? Psssttt... usually there is a sea cucumber dish cos my mom super sayang (love in Malay) her one and only son-in-law!!! He loves sea cucumber.

dz - ribs wid sea cucumber

Mandatory of a vege dish, stir fried brocolli and cauliflower.

dz mixed vege

And ends with tong yuen (kuih ee) which I have no picture to show.

Tell me, if these dishes are featured on your dining table as well???

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  1. Holy smokes that feast looks DELICIOUS!!!!!

  2. yes, yes!!! they are all featured on our dining table during major festivals! hehehehe.... looks like we are one typical chinese!

  3. well well Ms Babe_KL seems liek very traditional le .. all the dishes make me feel miss home so so much! :( ~~~~~

    and mind me to join your dinner tonight ah .. ahhahah i will sponsor "dong yuan" for snack yeah ...

  4. yaya soundhunter, dunno wat mom cooked today haha will take more pic if possible.

    haha yeah meiyen... happy eating!

    oh dear bearyip, you're from outstation? poor gal... err too late to invite huh haha i got yr mail but no time to reply yet. will send u next year ago cos i'm going on leave already. be good.

  5. Sigh.. missed kor-tung this year. Miss all those home-cooked meals! But I'm coming home next week, so can enjoy mum's and MIL's soups!!

    Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays, babe!

  6. wow, that sure is a wonderful meaty meal !

  7. i miss my mummy's cooking..the same dishes on our house's dining table

  8. Welcome back Kat!!!

    toxine, those pics are not all in one seating lah haha

    poor KampungboyCitygal. nevermind, just remember to go home for reunion this coming CNY!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing the spread for this special festival. Hubby loves it but my mum doesn't do this on a grand scale and I can only remember stuffing my face with the colored balls at my grandma's as a kid. Will keep this in mind IF I am ambitious enough to recreate it for hubby one day he he

  10. That chicken looks very "kampung" like.

  11. no problem kittykat. i guess we sometimes really take things like this for granted not knowing many of us do not get to enjoy such festive spread due to whatever reasons. my MIL had stopped doing this cos she no longer have the ability to do so, dats why hubby very happy and honored to know that my mom really took extra care to make him his fave dish! lucky guy there!

    pablopabla, it is indeed kampung kai... just look at the thick yellow skin but too bad none of us ate the skin hahaha...

  12. Hi!

    Hakka Zhar Nyuk (braised pork with sea cucumber and black fungus)!!!! Can you please share with me the recipe to make that dish? That's my favourite and my grand aunt used to make it for us (but she doesn't put sea cucumber in it lah). Thanks!

  13. hello sweettulip. thanks for coming by. i'm sorry i hv no idea how to make zhar nyuk hahaha... those made by my mom. maybe you can try looking for it here sorry again.


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