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Review: Uncle Duck @ Chow Food Gallery, The Weld

Updated 3 November 2011

This place has since closed.


I'm doing this upon the request by my friend, Keriso. He asked me if I've tried this roast duck stall in The Weld's new foodcourt. He and I came across the newspaper review sometime back on this chef known as Uncle Duck from Hong Kong who specialises in roasting delicious duck. I think I've only been to this place twice at the time of asking but by now, I've gone for my fourth visit. Haha actually this place is pretty near to my work place but seriously the food stalls in this pomp food court are nothing to shout about and worst of all, they charges quite high for food court kinda food and certain stall dishes out very small portion. I guess we have to pay for the specially made dinnerware (see last picture) and the renovation cost, no?

Anyway, we have wanted to go to some other place to eat but that place was closed, hence we head to Chow food court instead. So here we are... my review, specially for Keriso. Keriso, this will cost you RM7.50 okay!!!

Yeah that was how much this set of Roasted Duck Rice costed me, the breast meat set costed RM7.50 and other parts of the duck will set you aback at RM6.50. It came with a small bowl of white rice, thinly sliced roasted duck meat, a bowl of clear broth and a plate of greens which was yien choy (spinach) this round.

chow duck rice set RM7.50

The duck meat is tender but the skin is not at all crispy. Tastewise, not really great. Very far cry from Soon Fatt Beijing Roasted Duck. I had to doused the meat and rice with the sauce for some flavour. The chili sauce also no kick at all, tasted artificial. The rice portion was just nice for me but I think for the guys, they will definitely need to tambah nasi (add extra bowl of rice). However, I got hungry at 5pm which is a very rare case! Look at the empty spaces on the plate hahaha... The vegetable given is fibrous and tasted bland. Some oyster sauce with onion oil would be great on it. The only praise I could sing is their broth hahahaha very flavourful, I supposed came from boiling the duck bones.

chow duck rice01

My verdict: Keriso, I want my money back!!!!

Uncle Duck stall have rice porridge, fried rice and noodles as well. I saw some people queued for their fried rice, hmmm maybe that might be nicer. Other than Uncle Duck this food court have stalls selling Thai food which is one of the better one around, Portuguese Grill seafood, chicken rice and so forth. Pity the dim sum stall had closed down by now and they only started operation on 22nd August 2006. How sad... Hopefully the management can do something about it, if the price is high, just have to make sure the taste is good and the portion given is well worth the price. Are you hearing, The Management?

Lot L4-B, Level 4, The Weld,
76 Jalan Raja Chulan, KL
Tel: 03-2031 5505/06.
A chic gallery housing Chawan (serves local coffees), Uncle Duck, Thai Corner, Kokopelli Deli, Portuguese Grill, Sizzles, Shasha Station, Chicken Rice, Kokopelli Rock and Honey Noodle House. Wi-fi enabled.

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  1. Food served in food courts are usually not up to par with what's available outside - whether hawker fare or restaurant type of food. But I discovered a gem of a Malay style fried rice / mee stall in Plaza City One.

    Absolutely out of this world Tom Yam and goreng-goreng. I placed a review in my Sri Bundo link.

  2. O_o da serving really that small or because da plate is darn big? my god, is like da rice portion same size as da saucer??

  3. it's near but it's expensive for a food court babejie, i went once 5 dollar was the cheapest food u can get, and that's chicken rice, and not yet get drink somemore.... i rather go to bousted eat chicken rice for 3.50 or somewhere else. :P

  4. I think the problem with these type of places is the lack of 'feel'( & love ?) of preparing good food. $$$, its so crazy !

  5. wei .. can not la .. teh duck meat really so little ..

    i rather go to pudu makan le ...

  6. not really pablopabla, there are some foodcourt have quite good stuff ie BBP basement foodcourt.

    hahaha meiyen, can roughly guess right the portion? I think sure not enough for you too.

    yalor bam

    team bsg, I supposed making money first is their main aim. its gonna take them a long long time to recover.

    I would too bearyip!!!

  7. I posted about roast duck from Klang early today. Wow! The serving from Uncle Duck really so tiny like that. Want to serve so little, should use smaller plate! Ha ha ha....

  8. Wah! So lucky lah you all can go eat duck anywhere..halal duck vely hard to find. I love Uncle Duck and I happily pay money to eat in a comfortable place. Some more, pay money also only not as much as going to hotel mah. where else can find halal duck?? Dim sum close down a bit sad lah but the chicken rice, deli and honey noodle is great!!! some more ah, not so smelly compared to other foodcourts. I enjoy the aircond and comfort...yumyumyum..caters to various taste and the plates and utensils look CLEAN:):):) not geli at all..

  9. wmw, wat to do, some ppl say they're paying for the comfort

    true also that its hard to get halal duck let alone good ones kong.


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