Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Review: Sticky Fingers Cafe & Restaurant

UPDATED 10 July 2007: This restaurant has been closed down. Thank goodness!

**Non-Halal Post**

Sticky Fingers Cafe & Restaurant is Located along Jalan Mesui, where the famous No Black Tie is. Jalan Mesui is over on the quieter side of Changkat Bukit Bintang happening area. There were a couple of cafe and watering holes opened in this street before but sad to say none of them could sustain except for No Black Tie whom had returned after their previous premises were taken over and converted into a bed and breakfast joint. Next to Sticky Fingers, there is one restaurant opening soon and beside this restaurant, a yoga centre is in the midst of taking shape. I hope these swanky places won't take away those hawkers in that area else no more good and cheap grubs in that area for lunch.

Anyway, I saw this discussion in Friedchillies about ribs and someone recommended this Sticky Fingers so off we went one day to wait for the bad traffic jam in the area to subside. The following are the interiors of Sticky Fingers which is very dim... bad for photography haha... so please excuse my photos.

sf interior01 sf interior02 bar sf interior03 sofas

Here are the sample menu available, click to enlarge.

sf menu01 sf menu02 sf menu03 sf menu04 sf menu05

Hubby ordered the Full Slab Pork Ribs at RM28.00. He asked for Original Sticky BBQ Sauce which the waitress claimed is their signature sauce. This pic is really bad huh cos I didn't have the time to fiddle with my phone settings so I just hentam with the lights on. The ribs came with corn on the cob (which I wished they could have stick a skewer in to ease eating but then again we were supposed to eat with our fingers right???), some salad which resembles coleslaw and a baked potato with a wee bit of sour cream on top. Looked huge and its full of meat... kinda bad news cos the meat is not tender at all especially on the thicker part of the ribs. We were expecting meat that can be teared off easily from the bones. The sauce is so-so only.

sf full rack pork ribs rm28

I asked for Half SlabLamb (RM21.00) with the same sauce just to try out this choice of meat. Looked good eh??? Meat pretty tender but could be better. Taste wise, the sauce did not manage to mask the musky smell of the lamb or most prolly they've used cheaper meat? I've no idea since I'm no expert in the meat department.

sf half rack lamb rm21

All I need to ask my not-fussy-at-all-with-food hubby was "Would you come again?". His reply was NO... so now you go figure. Worst of all I've nudged hubby to come here when we have the choice of Neroteca nearby sighhhh... very disappointed.

sf addy

sf map

Sticky Fingers Cafe & Restaurant charges 10% service tax.

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  1. Wah, cannot pass hubby's test, then I better not go. Must send Pasankia to try as he's the ribs blogger expert since he tried almost every rib place in town.

    My friends tried their set lunch and said nice. Neroteca is nice but can be pricey vs Sticky fingers. Friends who have been to Nerovivo says the pasta is much nicer at Neroteca. Of course the ones we ordered are the ones fried in bacon so it's super nice.

  2. aiyoyoyo.....the lamb look good but too bad its a NO from your hubby. Then better dun go

  3. boo_licious & jackson, pls dun let me hubby deter you guys from checking out this place. maybe the chef hasn't check in to work as we were there pretty early for dinner. yeah yeah ask pasankia to try first then only we see the verdict.

    i've been to nerovivo which is pretty ok but i won't say they're the best. their pizza is lovely though... wood fired and they deliver around the area.

  4. hi babe,

    why can't i view the menu photos?? :) Can you share me?


  5. oops sorry jade, i didnt hv time to tweak flickr setting earlier. u shld be able to view them now.


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