Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Menu For Hope III: The Julia Child of Malaysian Food


What are you waiting for??? Do bid for my cookbook sets as Malaysian food is going to be the next happening cuisine! James Oseland, editor in chief of Saveur magazine, talks about culinary colonialism, his love of home cooking and why Malaysian cuisine may be the next big thing HERE!!!

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  1. babe, how to bid? sorry a little bit lost...

  2. very simple meiyen, see my previous posting. u go to the Asia Pac or World list. see what you like there and note down the codes.

    then u go to and donate. donate means buy a raffle ticket. one ticket cost USD10 and you can put down one code in the comment portion on wat you would like to bid on.

    each donation of USD10, will entitle you to one chance to win your bid. you go then you can see how those donors put in their bids. good luck meiyen. lots of goodies to be won ie ipod, kitchen aid mixer, food baskets etc etc


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