Friday, 8 December 2006

Quick Corned Beef Snack

Should you have a snack attack in the middle of the night, some canned food would do wonders to the appetite! Hubby got back almost midnite one day and he was crying hungry. I looked thru the larder and found one can of corned beef. At that unGodly hour, I was too lazy to fire up the stove to do any cooking or cleaning, so the microwave oven came to play, else it will be used basically to heat up food in the household or cleaning/sterilising dish sponges.

What I did was dice up some onions and yellow capsicum. Heat up some olive oil in a glass casserole dish on high for 1 minute. Chuck in the onions and cook on high for another minute. Next put in the capsicum and stir to mix well. Cook on high for another minute. Pour in the corned beef and stir. Be careful here cos the contents sizzle a bit. Cook on medium for about 3 minutes or more. Crack in loads of black pepper and mix well.

corned beef01

Great with some bread. Sorry for the ghastly pictures, was too lazy to use my digicam nor change the settings on my phone.

corned beef02

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  1. must burn one side until crusty and add chili padi

  2. lanatir, you and your chili padis *roll eyes* microwave how to make until crusty haha if use wok can lah.

  3. You can add in sweet black sause and after stir fry the onion and corned beef if you are using the pan. I only used Libby's corned beef cause the smell of the beef is not so strong as other brand.

  4. I want to try this because hubby *LOVES* corned beef. What is sweet black sauce pls? Thanks

  5. i love corned beef! and only LIbbys!


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