Friday, 15 December 2006

Menu For Hope III: December 15

If, you're in Singapore, take a look at this... Julia has offered to cater for a six-course high tea for six people. I wished I'm in Singapore!

Well, not only food stuff, but Sam have a biggie for Star Wars fans. In her package, there will be a prized Chewbacca bust that is still sealed in a gift box that has never been opened, a copy of the Star Wars Cookbook plus she's gonna bake a batch of Wookie Cookies to be included along. For more details, check here.

The total raised so far: USD15,460.00

Do keep checking the Asia Pacific prize list and the worldwide prize list as there are more donations coming in.

Please help us spread the word or buy the raffle tickets. Thank you.

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  1. Babe,

    I am so slow, I just posted mine, but I got two copies of Cradle of Flavor from Jamese Oseland! Read your article about him's about time Malaysian food is going to rock the world! Lots of momentum and press going on lately.

    Good job about getting those Nyonya cookbooks...:)

  2. Bee Yinn, I just saw his book over the weekend, else I would have gotten that. Ahhh now you gave me another choice to bid on haha. Thanks.

  3. Babe, not many people bid on my books either...I think only two bid on the Penang ones...hehe. Never mind lah, as long as someone bid.

  4. maybe because you just posted it up? yalor beeyinn, at least got one bid is good enough.


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