Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Menu For Hope III: Food Blogger Fundraising for World Food Programme


Some of you may have received the mail from Pim (Chez Pim) or Helen (Grab Your Fork) asking for assistance to make this year's Menu For Hope a success. Judging from the number of coordinators across the world, I can or already smell success. Nevertheless, we need to do something huh to kick start the campaign.

Menu For Hope is devised by Chez Pim and now it had spread across the continent to raise funds to support the United Nations World Food Programme. In anticipating for the influx of goodies, Helen will be the coordinator for Asia Pacific region.

So, I'm doing my part here by promoting the event and of course I'll be pledging something here. Check out this space for details later as I'm still finalising the stuff. Should you wish to participate and pledge something... do contact Helen if you're within AsiaPac.

To donate, buy a virtual raffle ticket at USD10 via First Giving from 11th December onwards till 22nd December. Specify your desired prize in the comment area of the donation form. You can select one prize for each set of donation ie. a USD50 donation will give you five chances at only one prize of your choice. You get the gist? If not visit Grab Your Fork for more details or Menu for Hope II for an idea what kind of prizes are up for grabs. They will certainly worth every single cent you'll be donating.

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  1. hoik? whats this about? let me check out the links

  2. teckiee, just read the links. its a fund raising campaign. pls support ok.


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