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Review: One Noodle

**Non-Halal Post**

Opened a few months back, One Noodle, a subsidiary of KTZ (Fruitti Stall) branches out specialising on noodles. My parents liked it here as it's pretty comfortable even though the place is rather small and the pricing seems agreeable to them.

We've been here a few times and each time we tried the different types of noodles available here. Well not that they have plenty of choices but it was still interesting.

First up was my Lemon Honey (RM2.00) drink. A typical honey drink with lemon juice. What I liked is One Noodle is pretty generous in terms of the slices of lemon added into this drink. Sighhh I missed those lemon drinks in Hong Kong where they dumped in so many slices of lemon into one glass of drink, unlike in Malaysia, sibeh kiamsap (very stingy in Hokkien).

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My parents ordered Tom Yam Seafood Noodles... wah I was salivating when they arrived. Smell so good and looked so yummilicious too!!! I can't help it, I stole sips from my dad's bowl... wonderful aroma with the right heady scent of a tom yam soup. Superb. Lots of seafood inside too, 3 large prawns, 2 scallops, 2 mussels, squids... Quite worth the RM12 a bowl. Yumyum, am gonna order this next trip! Actually my parents ordered this because they saw other folks eating them on their previous visit heh! Hahaha... When dad finished his noodles, he offered me the soup left in his bowl arrrgghhh notti, notti! Of course I refrained myself from slurping up since I have a little sore throat.

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This was my Sze Chuan Dry Noodles (Ja Jiong Mien, otherwise, widely known in Mandarin as Zha Jiang Mian RM3.80). Very different from I-Dragon's version. This is the alcheapo version where it's basically minced meat, onions, Szechuan preserved vegetable (char choy in Cantonese) and diced carrots cooked in spicy bean sauce, in my opinion, not too bad lah. My brother complained that they always ran out of this noodle whenever he visit... he suspected that they cooked very little of this since this is the cheapest noodle of the lot hahahaha... silly him!

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This is the dumpling in soup (sui kow in Cantonese RM4.00 for four pieces) that we've ordered for my boiboi. The little fella ate one and half piece of this! Lots of ingredients inside including a whole medium sized prawn. Check out my homemade version.

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This is the cross section of the sui kow. The black coloured thingy is cloud ear mushroom. Pardon the dirty background for I've walloped the whole plate of Ja Jiong Mien.

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Next we have steamed dumpling (RM5.00 for 6 pieces). I'm not sure what's the Chinese name for this. The skin is those freshly made dough filled with minced pork. I have to say this is pretty good that my boiboi whacked 2 pieces!!!

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Cross section of the steamed dumpling.

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As I've mentioned here before, my boiboi being very observant. After I've finished taking the above photo, boiboi shoved me his spoon with a morsel of the steamed dumpling. He asked me "Mummy, please take picture" ahahahaha OMG!!! OK so here's his portion of dumpling.

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Overall rating for this place is good. They have other delicious noodles like ramen and soba too. They do not serve KTZ type of tong shui (sweet soup in Cantonese) or sagolo but you can just walk across the street to KTZ for dessert hehehe but they have some ice-blended drinks. I can foresee more branches opening in Klang Valley. Watch out for One Noodle!

One Noodle
66 Jalan 7, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603)6252 9451/2

* This place charges 5% Government Tax and 5% Service Charge.

UPDATED: Added in price of tom yum noodles

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