Thursday, 15 September 2005

Mid-Autumn Festival Part 3: Leisure Mall

After round One and Two, here's round Three...

Every year without fail, Leisure Mall in Cheras will hold lantern making competition. All the lanterns submitted will put on display around the complex for public viewing. We hardly visit this mall but this time we fought the traffic jam just to bring my boiboi there to check out the lanterns. I'm amazed with the amount of entries this year and the contestants are really very very creative. Lots of material used were recycled from plastic bottles, food cover, disposable plastic plates and so forth. I've managed to catch some of them in photos but not all turned out looking good as there were simply too many lanterns strung to one line. Darn, I should have brought my dinosaur Sony with 10x zoom! Duh!!!

Let the photos do the talking...

MA-leisure mall3
The stalls at the concourse.

MA-leisure mall1
Loads of round shaped lanterns around the mall.

MA-leisure mall15
Hehehe looked like disco or not? This is the bridge connecting the two buildings.

MA-leisure mall9
Some of the lanterns.

MA-leisure mall6
A traditional looking lantern.

MA-leisure mall14
More lanterns.

MA-leisure mall13
More lanterns.

MA-leisure mall12
More lanterns.

MA-leisure mall8
I liked this with mechanical shadow play where the arms and some of the figures moves. Amazing!!

MA-leisure mall7
Look closer!!! The fishes are made of those disposable plastic plates we used for parties.

MA-leisure mall2
Hohoho, this one the base is made from a blue plastic food cover. Hahahaha very innovative eh?? The storks in a supposedly lotus pond and check out the lotus root hahaha cool!

MA-leisure mall11
Close up on a more traditional one.

MA-leisure mall10
Hubby liked this one. Made entirely of those craved wooden fans. Lovely!

MA-leisure mall4
The lantern stall, very popular with children.

Mechnical plastic lanterns (DUH!!!) darn noisy with all those super loud tune! Even my boiboi can't stand it that he asked my dad to cover the speaker with tape to minimise the loudness.

MA-lantern3 MA-lantern2
Wooohooo Doraemon lantern!!! Cute... Power Puff Gurls too are on the parade but what happened to traditional cellophane paper lanterns??? None were on sale, how sad!

MA-leisure mall16
My boiboi can't decide which lantern he wanted that he rounded the stall so many time. Either he's scared of those figurines or those yucky tunes. Finally settled for one inflatable aeroplane with Hamtaro with the tune of the ABC song (even though the seller keep on telling us it's Twinkle Twinkle Lil Star hahaha same tune what aiyoh...). My boiboi darn cute leh, he switched it on and was tapping his feet to the tune whilst daddy paid RM9 for it. Then he was hopping and swinging his head left and right whilst we walked back to the car hahaha and he kept singing the ABC song!

There were many mooncake stalls but only this one captured my attention. This stall owned by HYT (Hei Yuet Thong in Cantonese) had the most beautiful and unique containers for their mooncakes. Adoi so nice... but I didn't buy any hahaha.

This is the single mooncake box. How unique the shape huh??

Wooden box came with handle with traditional painting.

Two tier box with handle. They stuck loads of butterflies on the lighting pillar where other stalls just left it plain.

I loved this the most!!! The pastel colours were so attractive let alone the netting material used. Awwww... very sweet! Anyone don't want this after eating the mooncakes, kindly donate to this greedy Babe :p

Okay, that's about all I have on Leisure Mall. More Mid-Autumn posts coming right up...

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