Thursday, 22 September 2005

Happy Birthday Darling!!!

Today's my darling husband's Birthday. Don't ask me how old is he but enough candles to burn a cake down hehehe... Yesterday I bought a cake from Secret Recipe, not by choice though but since there isn't much choices around the place we were at plus we were in a hurry. Cake review coming up in the next entry.

When I brought the cake back, my boiboi saw the box and he was jumping for joy and he said "Yay, present for daddy" more jumping and trying to open the cake box "Boiboi buy present for daddy one" Hahahaha aiyoh he so cute. Gave his daddy hugs and kisses. Sang so many rounds of Birthday song for daddy too. His daddy darn happy!

Here it is, your very special day, with Birthday wishes hastening your way. May love, good luck, happiness and the best of health always be with you. Happy Birthday Darling!!!

We LOVE you!


  1. Hi,

    Just visited your blog.

    I heard there is this treetop restaurant in Sentul.

    Have you any idea about it?


  2. I've no idea lah Andrew but I knew got a place that looked kinda jungle in Sentul. Is this the same place?


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