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16 Oct 2012

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Review: Paddington Pancakes

We went to The Curve (a mall located in Mutiara Damansara) recently. There's really nothing much in this mall but anyway we just walked around and as we peered down the walkway where the majority of the restaurants and cafes were, it was brightly lit with fairy lights.

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Later in the evening, we wanted to find a place to have a light meal and we dropped by Paddington House of Pancakes. Don't bother to check their web as it has been under construction for ages.

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Here's the clean and sleek open kitchen area. As we were forewarned not to expect good service here so we braced ourselves with a lower expectation but still they were lousy even though the place is not packed. Have to wait so long to be served duh! Worst of all, their faces all ash black!!! Can't they be a lil cheery and smile a wee bit? Those things are free you know???

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After handing us the menu, oh my the menu is so thick. So many photos accompanying the descriptions. So many types of pancakes in fact hundreds (I think so hehe) of them, both sweet and savoury. We ordered Pile of Dollars to share.

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The real thing looked like this... They tasted pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary. The pancakes came in many small rounds and eaten like a salad. The frank they used, can tell it's those cheap ones from supermarket deep freezer and not any gourmet type.

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We ordered this for boiboi.

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And the real thing looked like this... which looked kinda different as pictured. Taste wise, the thin pancake is not too sweet and the texture a bit hard, maybe it sat there too long as my boiboi was eating that first. He ate just the pancake pieces laden with ice-cream. Left the banana and strawberries for us. Pretty stingy with the ingredients. Just look at the price!

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Might need to go there a few more times to check out the rest of the pancakes since they've so many varieties to choose from but seriously I do think they're not worth it, kinda pricey. Best made them at home hehehe


Vernon said...

Man, I love that place! I can have all 3 meals there! Wonderful wonderful. I have a serious pancake and waffle weakness!

Babe_KL said...

vernon, not expensive meh?