Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Lapis Legit Happy

This is related to my previous post on Kueh Lapis from Indonesia. Hubby got the hotel (which he stayed recently) concierge to helped him get the best in Jakarta hahaha gosh the length of pain just because I liked it. Yes Lilian he does love me a lot hahaha... (Well, he better be!!!)

The concierge gave him a brief on the differences between the expensive ones and the cheapers one, it seems like the more expensive brands uses better quality butter to make the cake. This one, the brand - Happy Lapis Legit costed him RM91 (after conversion) for a cake of 10"x10"!!! So expensive but pretty heavy in terms of the weight. And I found out why too this layered cake is so rich... they spread melted butter at each layer before placing in the batter for the next layer! Ohhh... must cut down on eating them, really fattening urghh.

Apparently this shop do deliver around Jakarta, so if you happen to be there, give them a call to order your layered cake.

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This was the box.

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Inside the box, the layered cake is all sealed up in a plastic.

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All cut up and waiting to be devoured.

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This cake is not as rich as Nyonya Guat's with the right subtle hint of spices which I liked. I'm savouring this bit by bit, enjoying the subtle fragrance of the spices with a cup of tea. Ahhh bliss!!!

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