Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Review: Hot Mama Restaurant

Updated 22 August 2008

This place has closed.

One evening we were over at Low Yat Plaza (the computer items Mecca in Kuala Lumpur) checking stuff out and so decided to cross over to Sungai Wang Plaza (SWP) to check out some items over there too. SWP is amongst the oldest mall around and it is a very popular mall of the younsters. It's forever bustling with activities and crowded with people.

Hubby got hungry and we decided to find something to eat in SWP instead of crossing back to Low Yat Plaza. As we went round and round, it suddenly sparked me that there is a new place to try out after the ravings by the local newspapers and recommendation by friends and of course boo_licious. Took escalator to the 4th floor and Hot Mama is right in front of us.

Sat on a table in the centre and after ordering our meal, I took out my digicam and started shooting hehehe lucky not many patrons around. The decor is rather retro and bright. Lotsa orange and beige colour being used. Check out these bright orange discs dangling from the ceiling. So retro!

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Hubby's water chestnut drink with grass jelly (RM4.50) came first. Tasted almost like my water chestnut tong shui.

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Next came my Twin Beans Smoothie (RM5.50) which is actually blended red bean and sweet corn with some milk and gula melaka syrup I think, topped with thin green agar strips. I have to say this actually blew my mind. It tastely wonderfully delicious. Errr something like cendol.

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This is my Lemongrass Chicken Rice that came with white rice sprinkled with black sesame seeds, sliced tomato, fried egg and boneless chicken thigh marinated in lemongrass sauce ala Vietnamese. More sauce were provided in a separate container. The lemongrass chicken was well marinated and tasted pretty okay.

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Hubby's Ayam Perchik rice came with 4 large white rice balls separated with pieces of deep fried keropok (prawn cracker), side salad of tomato, cucumber, lettuce and some carrot strips and extra sauce in a separate container. Ayam Perchik is a famous Kelantanese delicacy which is roast chicken marinated with spices, skewered over bamboo stick and grilled over charcoal fire. The marinade do not taste like authentic perchik sauce but nevertheless Hot Mama's version is not too bad.

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I think we need to come back here a few more times to try out other dishes. Quite a number of unique kahwin (married in Malay but I'm trying to say fusion teehehe) dishes here hehehe, hopefully I can post them up some other time.

Pssstttt and you know what, like what boo_licious have reported, this place have plenty of hot hoochie mamas around. Check them out yourself!!!!

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  1. The food is okay, but i find service there needs allot of improvements. Been there 3 times and each time they forgot somebody's order in my group. And we were not exactly a large group too.

  2. nick, i agree with you, the captain also not very good in recommending food.

  3. Erm....

    That doesn't look like a hot hoochie mama to me...
    That looks like an aneroxic chick who should have more fun eating healthy food....


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