Monday, 19 September 2005

Mid-Autumn Festival Part 5: A Date With The Moon

I'm going to wrap up my Mid-Autumn Festival post today after a trip to Mid Valley Megamall, sampled some delicious jelly mooncakes, viewed beautiful lanterns at Cheras Leisure Mall and tasted gastronomical Shangri-la Hotel's mooncakes. This trip we're going to taste Purple Cane's tea mooncakes and a very traditional Teo Chew's mooncake.

Purple Cane is actually a chain of tea art centre that contained tea houses, tea shops, a restaurant and learning centre. Their tea mini mooncakes are very popular since their introduction in the year 2000. The best part is actually their innovative packaging. This year saw a repeat of a lantern box kinda design.

Here's how the lantern box looked like. They came with every 6 pieces of mini mooncakes purchased.

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Once opened, the inside revealed a tealight. How clever! Oh yeah, one need to peel of some pre-punched holes and open some butterflies/bees windows to let the candle light to shine through.

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Check out the beautiful butterflies and bee around.

Even the individual boxes have such butterflies and bee.

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There are many flavours to choose from ranging from traditional ones to non-traditional like coconut (RM8.00), coffee lotus (RM8.00) and chocolate lotus (RM8.00) paste. The one we received as gift contained pure white lotus paste (RM8.50) and pure red bean paste (RM6.00).

This is the red bean paste, whoa really pure! The green tea pastry skin smell so fragrant. Not oily at all as I've remembered it every year.

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Even the white lotus paste is pretty translucent, not very sweet and oily. Extremely fragrant in smell.

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As far as I can remember, I never felt jelak (bloated feeling in Malay) eating them. That's the best part!!! Woohoooo!!! We loved them but they're pretty pricey.

Okay, the next so called mooncake, yes they're known as Teo Chew Mooncake but they don't looked like conventional mooncake. It's kinda flat. I've gotten this from Setapak Teo Chew Restaurant stall at Cheras Leisure Mall. They're pretty famous for their Teo Chew style pastries and they have those yummy deep fried taro mooncake too.

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When I opened the wrapper, omigosh, disaster!!! It's so oily bleh... sighhhhh... and the pastry is so flaky that they sorta disintegrate when I cut it, urrghhh. This one is mung bean filling and the interesting thing was they have all sorts of flavours that are very new to me. Some of them contained mui choy (preserved vegetables in Cantonese) which I dared not try hahaha... can't imagine savoury tasting mooncake. Nice to eat but very very jelak. I need to ask my colleague to get me some nice Teo Chew mooncake from Johor.

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This ends my belated Mid-Autumn Festival posting. I hoped everyone enjoyed their family dinners, mooncake feast and lantern playing sessions yesterday. I knew we did. Last night after taking my boiboi around the neighbourhood on his little lantern procession, I asked him to hug me and he tell me this "Mummy, boiboi (he mentioned his name lah hehehe) SO happy".

Omigosh my boiboi is really growing up... this is my first time hearing him expressing his feelings without us cajoling him! I was like a bit stunt but I replied him "Mummy is happy too if you're happy. I love you.". Best part he replied "I love you too".

Can't wait for next year's celebration!

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