Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Belated Cake Post

My brother bought my mom and I a cake to celebrate our birthdays. I've mentioned about this layered cake before but that time I was still new in blogging and photo taking. Moreover this round he bought us the cake that is half pandan layered and the other half is taro/yam layered. Yeah, you can do that... wonderful ain't it?

Here it's how it looked like half-half. You can see half the cake is green in colour and the other half is lilac or light purple.

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After cutting the cake, you can see the vanilla sponge cake alternating with pandan paste or taro paste. It's very tasty and kinda lovely to have two flavours in one cake.

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Head on to Golden Bake to get yours now.

Golden Bake Cake House
Jalan SS2/67,
Tel: +603-7876 6417

In relation to this, my mom fried some wheat noodles and deep fried chicken on my birthday. The chicken tasted fantastic even hubby gave two thumbs up! Very well marinaded. I think she used oyster sauce and ginger juice as the main marinade ingredients.

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