Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Mid-Autumn Festival Part 2: Jelly Mooncake

A buddy of hubby's gave us this box of goodies...

They looked very pretty don't they? They're actually Jelly Mooncake which is gaining popularity over the years over traditional mooncakes. They are all very yummy and hubby was happily whacking away and they were all quickly consumed within 3 days by the two of us hahaha... greedy... greedy...!!! Clockwise from top left: pink one is red bean filling; green one is errr can't really tell but tasted like cendol so maybe could be pandan with brown sugar filling; lilac one is taro filling and lastly the yellow one is corn filling.

After cutting up, they looked like this... the fillings are mostly made using coconut cream hence it's a bit rich and creamy BUT the flavour is fantabulous. They're not very sweet which I most prefered. Of all the four flavours, I love the taro and red bean. Simply divine!

Jelly mooncakes are usually homemade. So far in Kuala Lumpur, I've seen one promo stall selling jelly mooncake at Isetan, KLCC (outside the supermarket). Otherwise the madam whom I got my jelly cake from is also making them too for sale by order.

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