Thursday, 1 September 2005

Announcing the IMBB Launch Cook-off and SHF#12

We've just barely submited our blog for IMBB#18 and SHF#11, and here we are receiving announcement for the next installment hahaha... wooohooo so many events in fact but I doubt I'll have much time this month for any submission. Will only try if I've some time.

Check out Is My Blog Burning (IMBB) new look. It was officially launched today and they're having a launch party. In celebration of the launch, BEER is picked to be included in the recipe or as long as beer is involved hahaha even as a drink to accompany your dish. Quick! Whip up your pots and pans and cook it out. Don't forget your beer and submit your entry by 2nd September, YES!!! Hurry!

I won't be participating this round, no access to my kitchen as I'm at my parents' place.

Elise of Simply Recipe had announced this month's Sugar High Fridays (SHF). She had picked Cooking up Custard as the theme. Great...!!! Flavours magazine had just featured on custards recently. (Silly me, it was on caramel not custard, sorry hahaha getting old.) Time to whipped out those yummilicious custard recipes. Closing date is 16th September 2005.

Sighhh... I doubt I could make it for this event too... but I'll try. Darn!


Blog Revamping

Hello... I'm in the midst of revamping my blog to make my life a little easier. So do not be alarmed as work is still under construction.

16 Oct 2012